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VUE Gets Deep with Data Science

We've brought a new data scientist into our team to continue analysing the data that we collect and improve our models and software. Find out how he's working on Driver Behaviour Analysis and creating formulas to link claims and telematics data.

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GDPR Lock Telematics
VUE and GDPR – Keeping Your Data Safe

We take GDPR and data protection very seriously at VUE. We don't just comply with data protection laws as a tick box exercise, but go above and beyond to make sure that personal data is as secure as possible. Find out how we protect customer data throughout all of our products and processes.

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VUEgroup - Mitigate risk in winter
Essential Winter Driving Solutions for Fleets

Winter is in full swing, and the icy and rainy conditions make it more challenging for fleet drivers to complete their journeys without incident. Find out how you can reduce the risk of winter accidents in your fleet and manage them effectively.

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A Fresh New Look For VUE
A fresh new look for VUE

"We felt it was time to refresh our branding to reflect who we are today". "Our new branding will continue to stand for the great service that all our customers will continue to receive."

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North West Ambulance
CCTV drives down ambulance accident rates

“The cameras are vital, not just from a staff safety point of view but for passengers too. We’ve used the footage for evidence of thefts, damage, assaults and serious traffic offences. We also work very closely with the Police, providing them with crucial footage.”

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