Triplex Traffic Management install fleet tracking and CCTV, receive ’exceptional service’ and recover stolen vehicle.

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Celebrating their 40th Year, Triplex Traffic Management offers a bespoke Traffic Management service across London, Essex, Kent and the Home Counties.

Triplex work on both rural and urban roads as well as high speed dual carriageways and motorways. Therefore, it is essential to ensure operatives can work safely and consistently manage works.

Triplex had started working with a new insurer. Due to the operating conditions and the size of the risk, the insurer conducted a survey of Triplex’s existing Fleet Risk Management program to see if they could offer any further assistance. As part of the recommendations, they suggested working with VUE to look at ways to reduce incident frequency and own-fault incidents.

Triplex saw the benefits for defending claims and maintaining high standards of driver behaviour. In addition, being able to remotely monitor the vehicles, staff and works would help Triplex to further develop their systems and their employees. It would also assist with quickly locating and recovering vehicles that are operating in high-risk areas.

The breadth of the Triplex vehicle fleet is large. It ranges from Impact Protection Vehicles, to drop-side trucks, to Rapid Response Motorcycles (RRM). It was essential that all vehicles could be monitored in one place.

A key factor of Triplex’s success is ensuring that their clients can commence works 24-hours a day. They also have service level agreements to attend 98% of emergencies within 2 hours.  It is therefore difficult to take the vehicles off the road for any length of time, so fitting would need to be swift and efficient.

Triplex case study


Key Challenges:

  • Monitor vehicles in unusual and varied locations
  • Assorted vehicles in the fleet
  • Minimise time off the road for fitting


VUE worked with Triplex to create an installation schedule that suited Triplex; as expected, this had to be a fluid process as requirements for vehicles changed, so the installation schedule was updated.

VUEmatics connected equipment was fitted across the fleet, with the most appropriate equipment chosen for different vehicles. 23 vehicles had VMC4s fitted which provided a front camera and a rear camera linked to an in-cab monitor. The four larger vehicles were fitted with VMC8 kits with 7 or 8 cameras around the vehicle, with an in-cab monitor.

The images from the cameras were verified with the on-site manager to make sure they were in the right position. Then demonstrations on how to use the in-cab monitors were given to the drivers.

VUEconnected, part of the VUEcloud suite of programmes, was set up for Triplex managers. On-boarding training was delivered and completed. VUEconnected functionality allows all vehicles to be tracked. The system also provides the ability to view live images or download recorded images directly from the vehicle should an incident occur.  It does this by simultaneously recording and storing all images onto an SD card or Hard drive within the unit.


Neil Buckley, Transport and Plant Manager at Triplex Traffic Management, commented:

“I am very pleased with the service from VUE. From fair and honest quotes to the engineers that fitted out our lorries, everyone has been very helpful, and nothing has been too much trouble. I came from a customer service background and the service received from VUE is exceptional.”

This project clearly shows that CCTV decreases Fleet incident frequency. The insurance underwriter explains

“Our survey only recommended that Triplex contact VUE to discuss CCTV and tracking systems. After speaking to VUE, Triplex arranged to install the systems, which demonstrated that they were taking a serious interest in their fleet risk and driver risk management programme.

“Since the VUE systems were installed, we have seen the incident frequency decrease, there have been no own-fault incidents reported and the claim costs have decreased.”

Neil Buckley adds “We recently had a vehicle stolen from us which we managed to get back due to the VUE tracking and camera playback features. As the thieves had removed the ignition, we couldn’t get power to the vehicle to retrieve any footage remotely. Within a day the engineer was at the garage removing the SD card and the customer support team helped me with the software to view the footage.

“I have already referred one business we work with VUE and I would be happy to recommend anybody else. I look forward to working with VUE on further installs and any future requirements.”

Download Case Study

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