VUE are very proud to be a Specialist Partner of Aviva and fully support their ‘Prevention First’ strategy to mitigate risk and loss in the fleets they work with. Johnsons Workwear, an Aviva client, were keen to adopt this pro-active approach and are using VUE’s video telematics technology to further mitigate risk and mitigate loss.

Furthermore, Johnsons are also using VUE’s video telematics to defend claims, particularly fraudulent claims, for driver training and to protect their drivers.

Update: Johnsons have reported 65% reduced accident rates since fitting their fleet with VUEtech in 2018 and demonstrated amazing Return On Investment. Read more in our Johnsons Workwear follow up case study

Neil Shaw, Senior Motor Risk Consultant at Aviva, talks about the benefits of using VUE’s systems:

“VUE has been a long-term Specialist Partner of Aviva’s and working together with our clients, we use their technology to identify areas of risk so that we can put systems in place to reduce the volume of collisions and reduce the costs overall; not only for the business but for us as an insurer.”

“We’ve seen a number of benefits with various fleets using the VUE systems, particularly with Johnsons Workwear. They’ve had the systems in for approximately 12 months now and they have seen a real reduction in incidents, costs and overall performance from a claims and risk management point of view.”

Ian Greatrex, National Logistics Manager, talks about how Johnsons Workwear are benefitting from fitting their fleet with VUE’s video telematics:

“Initially we went to the market in 2018 and trialled numerous products. The trial site unanimously endorsed VUE’s product based on the user interface and the video quality.”

“We currently use the VMC4 product with the integrated forward facing and reversing cameras, with a view to using the driver facing cameras at some point in the future. We also use the VUEcloud platform which enables us to upload our videos and give us easy access as well as the insurers.”

“The value the system offers is not just around post incident reporting; the drivers are really engaged in terms of feeding back incidents to the management team.”

Prevention First to Mitigate Risk and Loss

As part of their ‘Prevention First’ strategy, Aviva focuses on offering their clients a combination of in-house and partner-provided solutions designed to prevent losses to their businesses from ever happening, along with full support when accidents do take place.

Neil Shaw (Aviva) comments:

“What we’ve found is customers who engage with our ‘Prevention First’ strategy tend to benefit the most out of the relationship with us as an insurer and also our Specialist Partners.”

Glen Mullins, Director of VUE, explains why preventing incidents is key:

“Fleets that use video telematics demonstrate that they take road safety seriously and are providing their drivers with the best possible tools to decrease the risk of accidents. At VUE we are constantly innovating to help fleets be as safe as possible for the sake of everyone on the road.”

Video Telematics Used to Defend Claims and for Driver Training

Aviva and Johnsons have used VUE’s video telematics to defend claims using video footage, especially fraudulent and ‘crash for cash’ claims. The footage is also used for engaging driver training, which continually improves behaviour and helps prevent accidents.

Neil Shaw (Aviva) explains the benefits that insurers experience when fitting camera systems to a vehicle:

“The main benefits as an insurer having a camera system fitted to a vehicle is that it gives us an opportunity to defend claims, particularly those that are spurious. So, fraudulent claims like ‘crash for cash’. Having a camera system makes it so much easier for us to defend the client and protect the drivers from prosecution or litigation. Other benefits of using camera technology is it can be used as a fantastic coaching tool.”

The Benefits of Working with VUE

VUE pride themselves on providing excellent customer service to their insurance partners and to fleets, and are always improving their technology to be at the forefront of the industry so their partners use only the very best solutions.

Ian Greatrex (Johnsons) talks about using VUE as a video telematics provider and the future of their partnership:

“The teams and I have been really pleased with how the product has developed over the last 12 months. VUE are constantly looking at ways to develop the product and improve functionality.”

“I’m looking forward to working with VUE in the future, I think they really understand what it is we’re trying to achieve and I think the products and the services they offer really help us to achieve that target.”

Neil Shaw (Aviva) talks about the benefits of partnering with VUE:

“So why do we use VUE as a Specialist Partner? There are a couple of reasons. They provide fantastic customer service, product follow-up is very good and they’re continually developing the offer to the clients, improving the technology. As the logistics industry changes, and driving in general, it’s very important to have cutting-edge leading technology at the forefront, which is something that Aviva is very passionate about.”


VUE have over 20 years’ experience in the video telematics industry and partner with countless insurance companies to help their fleets defend claims with video footage, reduce risk and prevent accidents. Many household names across the country use VUE’s video telematics technology.

As a video telematics provider with in-house software developers and a dedicated Data Science department, VUE is able to tailor a distinctive solution to any business need.

If you’d like to discuss mitigating risk in any of your fleets then contact VUE on (+44) 0161 877 2257 or visit for more information.

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