The VUEmatics Connected (VMC) range provides both CCTV and telematics in a one-box solution. Manage your fleet using the VUEconnected portal for improved driver behaviour to reduce accident frequency, fuel costs and insurance costs.

VUEmatics Connected – Minute by minute telematics with CCTV all at the click of a button

Our VUEmatics Connected (VMC) range is a ‘one box solution’ for all your vehicle CCTV and telematics needs. Why pay for a separate telematics system and vehicle CCTV with two monthly SIM cards when you can have one system that does both?

Our VUEmatics Connected range also uses the same viewing portal for all vehicle types with both SD card and hard drives.

Our HD forward-facing camera, the VMC2, is ideal for cars and small vans. The four-camera VMC4 is aimed at larger vans and LCVs. The VMC8 manages up to eight cameras for larger and articulated HGVs

The VUEconnected portal provides:

  • live viewing of any of the cameras fitted to your vehicle
  • remote downloading of video footage when vehicles are on the road
  • a full telematics suite that includes historical replay, geo-fencing and driver behaviour
  • scheduled reports

You’ll also be able to connect the VMC units with VUEcloud and VUEanalytics which offer a range of advanced features such as the ability to instantly upload and share CCTV video footage to insurers in the case of any accidents and access to advanced fleet analytics alongside claims data to identify and reduce risk.

Other benefits of using the VMC range include:

  • Live online tracking of vehicles
  • It helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Records vehicle GPS location, speed, date, time and G-force
  • Allows recording of up to 8 cameras
  • Generates a range of bespoke exception reports
  • Records vehicle inputs such as indicators, reverse gear and footbrake
  • Monitors and improves driver behaviour and reduces accident frequency
  • Generates performance based driver score reports

The VUEmatics Connected (VMC) range is a ‘must have’ for any business with a fleet of vehicles of any size.