General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on May 25 2018 and was designed to increase personal data protection by harmonising data protection laws across Europe and encouraging free movement across all EU states.

We take GDPR and data protection very seriously at VUE. Our Chief Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer is dedicated to protecting customer data and personal privacy. We don’t just want to comply with data protection laws as a tick box exercise, but go above and beyond to make sure that personal data is as secure as possible.

We work with a lot of large global companies, so data protection is a key priority for us. As a result, quality and security measures are built into all of our products and processes to ensure that our customers’ data is fully secure. This includes having lockable access and anti-tamper features on our safety equipment, excellent security on our data centres and applications, highly trained internal support teams and compliant internal processes. From top to bottom, we ensure that data is protected at all times.

As part of our dedication to GDPR and data protection, we provide training to all staff members and educate them on GDPR, information and cyber security, phishing and social engineering. We also provide them with training specific to their roles to ensure that they follow the correct GDPR procedures day-to-day and provide a secure service to our customers.

GDPR is especially important in the video telematics industry, as video telematics captures sensitive information and needs to be highly restricted and secure. For example, we work with many police authorities and ambulance trusts and fit their fleets with video telematics equipment. The data captured by police authorities is highly sensitive and may be used as incriminating evidence, and the data captured by ambulance trusts may be highly personal and part of a traumatic event. In fact, any fleet could be involved in an accident where the footage recorded is sensitive and used to defend their drivers from fraudulent claims. The nature of our industry only makes us more committed to keeping our customers’ data protected.

Video telematics providers face a constant challenge: the industry is ever changing in light of new technology, and the need to collect and produce more data, more reports, more intelligence and introduce predictive technology has never been higher.

But you can rest assured that VUE is fully committed to data protection even as the industry develops. If you choose us as your video telematics provider, you also choose to have your personal data safe and secure.