Intelligently detects pedestrians or cyclists surrounding the sides and rear of a vehicle.

Prioritising vulnerable pedestrians

Commercial vehicles such as HGVs and buses have huge areas surrounding them with little to no visibility. These blind spot areas are a huge risk for any driver, as they make it hard to spot motorcycles, pedestrians, and cyclists when changing lanes or manoeuvring.

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Pedestrian AI has specific alerts for each of the three cameras surrounding a vehicle. If a human is detected by any of the AI cameras, an alert is created for that camera and is sent back to VUEhub for review. When this occurs, the in-cab monitor will display the live footage for the driver.

The solution can also feature an in-cab panic button which can be pressed in emergencies by the driver. This too will create an alert that is sent to your Footage Library for review.

For fleet managers needing to be informed immediately when an AI camera is triggered or a panic button is pressed, alerts can be set up to be sent to one or more email addresses.

Scheduled reports are available for any AI or panic alerts triggered within a specified date range (daily, weekly, monthly).

Pedestrian AI helps significantly reduce driving accidents caused by blind spots by using AI technology to detect when vulnerable users are in areas of risk within three zones around the vehicle; both sides and rear.

The cameras provide a real-time visual and audio alarm in-cab to alert drivers to potential dangers. The high-definition image highlights the risk, helping drivers manoeuvre with more awareness and avoid incidents.

Real-time alerts

Visual and audio alarms to alert drivers in-cab to potential risk. Online alerts also available.

Accurate identification

The AI technology only picks up humans - not static objects

HD image

High definition video output to provide drivers with a clear image in-cab

Online alerts

Alerts can also be sent to VUEhub for fleet managers to review


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