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Vehicle Safety Technology

For over 20 years, we’ve provided fleets with the necessary tools to keep their drivers, vehicles, and others on the road safe.

Vehicle safety technology can help reduce the number of accidents across your fleet, and when paired with the driver behaviour analytical tools in our software solutions, improves fleet-wide driving behaviour, creating safer roads for all.

Safety technology will help your fleet satisfy important safety schemes such as the Direct Vision Standard, FORS and CLOCS. Our cameras give your drivers a clear view around their vehicles, which helps them see vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists when they navigate roads and left-hand junctions, lowering the risk of collisions and accidents. The technology is especially important for fleets who operate in crowded city centres and other busy areas such as construction sites, where the risk of collisions is even higher.

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Vehicle Cameras

Vehicle CCTV increases driver vision around vehicles and eliminates dangerous blind spots, helping your drivers navigate roads safely and lowering the risk of accidents.

Forward Facing Camera

Forward Cameras

Used for recording forward-facing footage - invaluable in the event of an incident.

Side Camera

Side Cameras

Designed to fit onto vehicles of any size or type. Ideal for eliminating blind spots.

Reverse Camera

Reversing Cameras

Provides an unobstructed rear view, giving drivers better visibility when reversing.

In-Cab Camera

In-Cab Cameras

Ideal for any type of vehicle, these cameras are fitted internally, usually for in-cab monitoring.


Using AI technology this driver camera, intelligently 'sees' the driver and alerts to distractions


A new generation of camera system that uses AI technology to stitch together images from four cameras stationed around the vehicle

Pedestrian AI

Using AI technology to intelligently detect when cyclists and pedestrians are in a danger zone around the vehicle.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors detect obstacles around a vehicle and alert your drivers when they get too close to another object (such as another vehicle or pedestrian) when they turn left or right, or change lanes. This ensures that drivers are always alerted before they collide with another object, so they can take action and stop the collision.

VUEscan Module


Reliable driving aid featuring six ultrasonic sensors to help detect any obstacles around a vehicle.

VUEscan Rear


Reversing aid made up of four sensors fitted onto the rear of the vehicle, linked to audible alarms or cameras.


Trackers ensure that all drivers and vehicles are accounted for within your fleet, which is especially important in big fleets which contain vehicles that are not fitted with GPS technology. Some of our trackers do not require a power source in a vehicle, making them ideal for temporary security or tracking, such as tracking test-drive vehicles, trailers, high-value equipment, or lone workers.

VUEtrack Tracker


Combining telematics and tracking, this device can be used in any vehicle.


Vehicle alarms alert everyone in the vicinity when a vehicle is turning left or reversing, which ensures that pedestrians and cyclists stay clear of your vehicles and helps avoid dangerous accidents.

Left Turn Alarm

Alerts pedestrians and cyclists when a vehicle is turning left. Invaluable for large vehicles.

Reversing Alarm

Reversing Alarm

Emits a loud noise to alert anyone or anything behind that the vehicle is reversing.

Video Telematics Recorders

Video Telematics recorders are suitable for any type of vehicle within a your fleet, and record telematics data as well as video footage. This telematics data gives important insight into how drivers behave so that fleet managers can work with drivers to improve performance and reduce future accidents. The video footage recorded is perfect for defending against claims when incidents do occur, and disputing false claims such as crash for cash schemes.



HD Camera and Video Telematics Recorder

VMC4 Video Telematics Recorder


HD Four Input Video Telematics Recorder

VMC8 Video Telematics Recorder


HD Eight Input Video Telematics Recorder

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HGV Driving In London

What is Direct Vision Standard?

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) objectively measures how much an HGV driver can see through their cab windows. It uses a star rating to grade HGVs from zero (lowest) to five (highest). Drivers in a zero-star vehicle will have poor direct vision, whereas drivers in a five-star vehicle will have excellent direct vision and will be able to see pedestrians and cyclists who are directly next to the cab side of their vehicles.

All HGVs over 12 tonnes now require a DVS safety permit to travel through the Greater London area. Currently, HGVs require a minimum of one star to get a DVS safety permit, but this will be raised to three stars in 2024. Zero-star vehicles require a ‘Safe System’ outlined by the DVS to be granted a safety permit. The DVS ‘Safe System’ is essentially the same as the Vehicle Safety Equipment requirements S6 (see page 51) from the FORS Silver accreditation.

VUE provides DVS ‘Safe Systems’ for zero-star vehicles, and also provides the safety equipment needed for a FORS Silver accreditation. Please get in touch if you have any new vehicles in your fleet which require a DVS ‘Safe System’.

In 2024, all zero to two star rated vehicles will require a ‘Progressive Safe System’ to get a DVS safety permit, so get in touch with us when the time comes and we’d be happy to help.

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