VUEhub: Get FNOL notifications, share footage securely analyse footage

The VUEhub portal gives you access to VUE’s full suite of software solutions, with a single sign in. This platform can be owned by the client or ‘white labelled’ and put into your own branding to drive loyalty and brand awareness.


VUEhub brings together all of your VUE services in one simple-to-use portal, to help you manage your fleet, mitigate risks and resolve any insurance claims quickly.

With a single sign-in, you can move quickly around your suite of software solutions. Connect the different solutions together to improve your workflow and productivity. Now, when you view footage in VUEconnected simply send it directly into VUEcloud with the click of a button; data fields are automatically-populated and it’s ready to share securely.

VUEhub is also fully customisable, with your logo and colour palette. There are even spaces to add shortcuts to 3rd party websites, and useful links for your entire company.

The software solutions are connected to create an efficient workflow:

FNOL (First Notification of Loss) alerts are sent directly from our VUEconnected Video Telematics system, into VUEcloud.
Claims Teams can assess footage quickly and securely share it with relevant third parties in VUEcloud, to speed up claims and reduce claims costs
Head over to VUEanalytics to view their fleet’s risk portfolio and claims trends to mitigate risk.

Simplify fleet management with VUEhub,
your all-in-one Video Telematics system:

Video Telematics

Track & view live Video and Telematics data.

Get Alerts

  • Re-run routes and receive a range of automatic alerts.

Share Footage

  • Securely upload, view and share CCTV footage.

Reduce Claims Costs

  • Reduce time and cost of insurance claims.

Advanced Data

  • Get advanced fleet and driver KPIs in an instant.

Fleet Trends

  • See your fleet’s trends with contextualised insight.

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The VUEhub suite includes:


All-in-one CCTV footage and telematics for your entire fleet

VUEconnected is a powerful tool that dramatically increases your fleet’s productivity and helps you improve driver behaviour so you can reduce risk and fuel costs. Fleet tracking also helps you complete more jobs and increase your profits.


Read more about VUEconnected >

Securely upload, view and share your fleet’s CCTV footage

A multimedia platform to securely access and share your CCTV video footage and incident data with stakeholders. Take control, make decisions fast and reduce the cost of claims by slashing reporting times.



Read more about VUEcloud >

See trends and driver behaviour in contextualised reports

The sophisticated risk algorithms generate insight into how your fleet behaves, displays the areas in which they are most exposed to risk and identifies what risks they are exposed to and why. Telematics and claims data displayed in easy to understand charts


Read more about VUEanalytics >

VUE is your Fleet Risk Management Partner

Our solutions are industry leading; our Video Telematics and dedicated software solutions combine to mitigate risks for fleets. We develop award-winning and market-leading software for fleet operators and global insurance companies, helping them reduce risk, minimise costs and improve driver behaviour.

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