Why Choose VUE As Your Video Telematics Provider?

The simple answer? Because we believe we’re the best.

The longer answer? Because we care. Our customers are always at the forefront of our mind, and our business is structured specifically so we can understand what they need and cater our technology and software to meet their requirements. We’re a dedicated Video Telematics provider who delivers bespoke solutions to fleets across Europe and takes real time to understand how to solve their problems and deliver the highest ROI for their business.

Global insurance companies and household-named fleets choose to partner with us for a reason: our product is excellent, our service second to none, and we never take shortcuts like reselling someone else’s software. We understand that putting in work means providing a long-lasting solution that will make our customers happy and keep our relationships strong.

Since VUE was founded in 1999, the Video Telematics industry has changed massively. VUE has grown to be an industry-leading Video Telematics provider during the last 20 years, and has constantly been at the forefront of new developments and technology. We are a company dedicated to looking forward, striving to be bigger and better in the face of an industry that constantly changes. It takes incredible hard work, dedication and ambition from our entire team to be an industry leader in a technological field, but we are right here, leading the way.

Need more convincing? Here’s why you should choose VUE as your Video Telematics provider:

Our Customers ALWAYS Come First

It’s a claim that many companies make, but we’re serious about it. We have a dedicated Research and Development Department, a Software Development Department and a Data Science Department. Our teams constantly communicate with our customers so that they can get the best of existing features, and we can add new features to make our solutions even better. As a result, our customers have regular input into our software and hardware developments, and we constantly provide new updates to meet their evolving needs and bring them the best return on investment.

For example, based on customer requests, ­­we’ve developed a new VUEtrack-magnetic tracker to help people hiring temporary vehicles during the COVID epidemic. VUEdrive, our new App which helps drivers improve and maintain great driver behaviour, was also developed in-house due to requests from customers. Using VUEdrive, fleet drivers are given star ratings for their journeys so they can take action to improve their behaviour.

We Develop ALL Of Our Software

Many Video Telematics providers use white-labelled third-party software, but we don’t, and for good reason. Although these providers present this white-labelled software as their own, in their own branding, they have little control or insight into how it has been developed and don’t know the technicalities of the system. They can simply take someone else’s cameras, use someone else’s software, and present this technology as their own.

In this case, if their customers have a software issue, they’d inform their Video Telematics provider who would then pass it onto their third-party software provider, who could then say it’s a hardware issue. Because customers are an extra step away from the owners of the software, this affects their Service Level Agreement, with longer times needed to answer questions and even longer times needed to fix issues. It also means that customers have little input into new developments of the software. Have you investigated where your supplier gets their software?

At VUE, our in-house developers create all of our software, which means that our customers have direct contact with their software provider and can integrate with our software quickly. If they have any problems or issues, we are right here to help, and have all of the expertise needed to fix them quickly. We also take on customer feedback and listen to any suggestions they have for new features. We really go that extra mile to understand what works and what doesn’t for our customers, and make appropriate changes to improve their experience. That’s why our software has won multiple awards over the years.

Our in-house developers have also created VUEhub to be a truly end-to-end solution. Using VUEhub, you can access our full suite of software services with a single sign in. From one platform, you can view live Video Telematics for your entire fleet, securely upload and share incident footage with your claims team or insurer and view unparalleled driver behaviour analysis to see how you can improve fleet safety. Our developers have worked tirelessly to create a platform that improves your workflow and productivity, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run. And there is so much more to come!

We Can Prove Our Hardware Is High-Quality

It took us years to find the right manufacturers who share our vision, but we succeeded. After a decade of working together, we have an incredibly strong relationship which ensures that we source hardware that works together seamlessly. We don’t just buy hardware that generates the best profit margins but choose hardware of the highest quality that will last and do the job.

Because of our long-standing relationship with our manufacturers, we also have a hand in the development of our products. It’s the very reason we can provide new features and make improvements regularly from customer suggestions. To be honest, it’s an advantage that not many other Video Telematics providers have.

Low Failure Rate VUE

We also constantly test our hardware to ensure that our units have low error rates. In fact, our SD Card failure rate is an incredibly low 0.4%. Our Hard Drive failure rate is even lower, at 0.2%.

We know how important it is to obtain footage when you need it, so it’s essential that kit is always functioning properly in your vehicles. Our VUEhub platform informs fleet managers of any potentially faulty units in their vehicles so we can fix the problem remotely or send an engineer to make repairs. We’ll soon be launching automatic fault reports so that fleet managers can confirm if units are faulty.

Industry Leading Solutions With Over 20 Years’ Experience

Many other Video Telematics providers only have a history of fitting simple telematics boxes to vehicles, but not us.

As video and telematics merge into one device, our 20 years of experience fitting complex multi-camera multi-input systems to all types of vehicles really counts. It takes real expertise to create reliable vehicle camera kits and have all the components work together smoothly, and we believe that we’re are at the forefront of this technology. For us, including telematics is a simple upgrade to our existing units. The various companies with a history of only selling telematics black boxes have a lot of catching up to do.

VUE warehouse

We use our 12,000 square feet of warehouse space to engineer, build and test bespoke kits for fleets, so we offer real expertise and systems that are perfect for our customers. From fitting forklift-trucks to HGVs to Blue Light Vehicles to extra-wide load military vehicles, we’ve done it all.  We then work closely with our fleets to thoroughly understand driver behaviour to improve fleet safety, and record invaluable footage that protects their drivers from claims.

Our status as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier under the RM6143 framework is a reflection of our reliability and standing within the industry. We proudly fit solutions to over 25 police forces, fire brigades and ambulance trusts who depend on our equipment every single day. Most importantly, our 20 years’ experience can be seen in everything that we offer. From our hardware to our in-house software platforms, if you choose VUE, you choose an industry leader who has been tried and tested for over 20 years.

Innovation and Continuous Development

Over the years, I’ve seen companies go bust who couldn’t keep up with changes in the industry. I’m proud to say that VUE has constantly innovated and developed as CCTV, tracking and safety technology has evolved. Innovation and Continuous Development are two of our core values for a reason – we’re relentlessly looking to see how our solutions can be improved and keeping on top of developments in the industry.

We strive to identify what our customers want tomorrow, and give it to them today, so that they’re always using the most innovative systems in the market.

Dedicated To Protecting Personal Data

We take GDPR and data protection very seriously at VUE because of the data and footage recorded by our equipment, such as near misses and accidents. Data breaches can be devastating and incur heavy fines for fleet companies. What’s worse is that brand image can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Having a Video Telematics provider dedicated to protecting your personal data is invaluable.

At VUE, our Data Protection Department is dedicated to protecting customer data and personal privacy. Security measures are built into all of our products and processes – including anti-tamper features on our safety equipment, excellent cyber security on our applications and highly trained internal support teams. We don’t just comply with data protection laws as a tick box exercise, but go above and beyond to make sure that personal data is as secure as possible.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Listen To Our Customers

You can listen to our customers themselves as they talk about the amazing benefits they’ve seen from working with us:

Johnsons Workwear and Aviva

“The value the system offers is not just around post incident reporting; the drivers are really engaged in terms of feeding back incidents to the management team… The teams and I have been really pleased with how the product has developed over the last 12 months. VUE are constantly looking at ways to develop the product and improve functionality.” – Ian Greatrex, National Logistics Manager at Johnsons Workwear.

65% Reduced Accident Rates For Johnsons Workwear – Follow Up Case StudyJohnsons Workwear 65% Incident Decline

“VUE’s systems have played a vital role in the decline of incidents from 2018 onwards. We’ve been really pleased with how the product has developed, and VUE are always looking at ways to improve functionality. We look forward to working with VUE in the future and continuing to maximise fleet safety.”– Ian Greatrex, National Logistics Manager at Johnsons Workwear.

JLA Defends Claims with Video Telematics

“The [VMC1] footage is useful to JLA mainly to manage our insurance claims on a daily basis. We use it to extract footage and send to our insurer to help manage the claim itself. But we also use it for near miss reporting as well if there are any incidents that can educate the rest of the fleet.” – Anthony Marcou, Group Fleet Manager of JLA.

Other case studies you can read include:

–  Merseyside Police fitting new X5 police cars with VUE cameras as seen on season two of Cop Car Workshop

–  Triplex Traffic Management fitting their fleet with VUEtech which led to a decrease in fleet incident frequency and no own-fault incidents reported

–  Clipper Logistics further reducing fleet management risk using VUEtech and VUEcloud


We live in very unusual and uncertain times right now. This global pandemic has affected all industries across the world, and I understand that British fleets have had their 2020 thrown into chaos.

Still, if you’re looking for Video Telematics equipment, now or in the future, VUE is just a phone call away. If you have any questions or need a quote for your fleet, then please call us at 0161 877 2257 or email us at sales@vue-cctv.co.uk.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.