With over 20 years of experience in the industry and some of the biggest fleets in the UK and Europe as some of our customers, VUE are a safe bet in providing a comprehensive Video Telematics solution.

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Vehicle cameras

One of the main reasons our fleet risk proposition is so successful and is found so invaluable by fleets is because it is underpinned by reliable and innovative hardware. We cater to all vehicle types with a variety of requirements based on industry and necessity. Camera systems between 1-8 cameras are tailored to suit, whether 360 visibility is required or only a forward-facing view from the cab.

Tracking and telematics

Our camera solutions all have built-in telematics to provide comprehensive data to supplement any footage recorded. Data such as speeding, cornering, harsh braking can help contextualise a fleet’s performance and identify areas of improvement for driver behaviour. Depending on what hardware is installed, inputs can also be integrated to show further data such as fuel consumption and seat belt usage, all helping fleet operations become more proactive and efficient.

AI technology

As well as standard cameras, we also offer ones with AI technology. Pedestrian AI identifies when a VRU (vulnerable road user) enters a blind spot zone, alerting the driver in-cab to the risk. Driver Distraction AI is a driver camera which monitors a driver’s behaviour in-cab and alerts them when their focus is not fully engaged i.e. mobile phone use, yawning, smoking.

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Mixed fleets

Our speciality is our ability to cater to fleets made up of all types of vehicles. No two vehicles are the same; they all require different fitments, different kits, and different approaches.

Of all sizes

Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet made up of 1000s of vehicles, we provide combined camera and telematics solutions and risk mitigation services for everyone.

For every industry

From Blue Light to Construction, Food and Drink to Councils - our customers come to us from a wide range of industries, each with specific needs required from their vehicle cameras and telematics solutions.

Tailored solutions

Whether a fleet is looking to improve driver behaviour, become compliant for DVS, save money on claims, or generally improve operational efficiencies; our solutions can be tailored to drive action and meet requirements.

Solve the looming threat of Bridge Strikes

A new innovation which has become a key area for risk mitigation is our Low Bridge Alerting System (LBAS). Unlike existing solutions it doesn’t require any driver input, and doesn’t rely on geofences which means its alerting is both accurate and non-distracting.

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