UK motorists believe on-board CCTV cameras could stop ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters in their tracks, with dash cam use on the rise. Latest figures from Aviva show that 10.9 million UK drivers (27%) now use dash cams, with half of drivers (47%) thinking that they make accountability for accidents much more clear.

This technology is increasingly being used on UK roads everyday. Leading vehicle CCTV and telematics provider in the commercial motor industry, Vision Unique Equipment (VUE), has witnessed a significant reduction in bogus car insurance claims after installing its technology in thousands of fleet vehicles across the UK.

According to research from the Association of British Insurers, insurance fraud reached £1.2 billion in 2018, with a massive 98,000 fraudulent claims reported. Motor insurance scams made up 56% of these fraudulent claims, with 55,000 claims reported worth £629 million. 80% of these motor insurance frauds involved personal injury fraud which ranged from ‘crash for cash’ fraud to opportunistic scams.

Glen Mullins, managing director of VUE, said:

“There are approximately 31.7 million cars on UK roads and fraudulent insurance claims are costing British drivers thousands of pounds each year, as well as driving up premiums.

“VUE is the leading supplier of in-vehicle CCTV camera systems to commercial fleets in the UK, helping protect them from fake insurance claims. This technology is proving to protect private drivers too.

“Many ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters have witnesses on hand to claim that the crash was the other driver’s fault, enabling them to make an insurance claim for the damage, as well as whiplash injuries. CCTV technology is the only way to prove what actually happened. 

“CCTV technology from VUE is designed to record the events leading up to an accident and, crucially, the aftermath of a collision even with the engine switched off, can be used as court-admissible evidence. CCTV systems not only prove the cause of an accident but also record the speed at impact and how many people were involved.

“Front and rear facing CCTV recording cameras allow insurance companies to challenge fraudulent claims and offer protection for drivers who could otherwise be blamed for non-fault accidents.

“In-vehicle CCTV camera systems in private cars are starting to protect drivers from these fraudsters. Private drivers who have not fitted their cars with in-vehicle CCTV technology should start to consider it, as in-car cameras are now protecting millions of drivers across the UK from fraudulent claims.”

With 43% of all dash cam users beginning to use their in-car camera technology within the past year, vehicle CCTV use is on the rise on UK roads.

Based in Salford Quays, Manchester, VUE works with many of the UK’s largest commercial fleet operators and is recommended by major insurance companies. The CCTV and telematics company was awarded the Highly Commended Fleet Safety Product award at the BRAKE Fleet Safety Awards in 2013.

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