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VUEconnected Features Updates:


Exciting new features in VUEconnected – Enhancements to Trip Replay and Video Request functions.

Our Trip Replay function now has an optional section at the bottom of the screen (see picture below). When a journey is selected, this new section shows the vehicle speed against the roads speed limit, making it easy to see where speeding incidents happened. If you have any inputs hardwired into your recording devices (e.g flashing lights, sweepers, etc) you can also see when these inputs are in operation.

VUEconnected Trip Replay

You can now click anywhere on the selected trip on the map to request video from that point in time. This is useful as you often know the location of an incident more accurately than the time.

We’ve made improvements in the video download process to improve the deliverability of video footage when the vehicles device loses mobile signal (GSM) or is in an area with bad reception; this is particularly useful for either longer or multiple camera video requests.

In the Video Replay function you can now see a “Video Request Progress Bar” to show that your video has been requested from the device, and the amount that the device has sent.

What’s more, as soon as the “View” button is visible, you can start watching any received video before the full download is complete.

VUEconnected progress bar

4th July 2020

Your VUEconnected Portal is now accessed at  

We’ve made a few upgrades to your VUEconnected portal:

1. The portal is now accessed at  
2. How driver scores are calculated has been updated to be even more accurate.

Don’t worry, all your existing data is still be available when the VUEconnected portal goes live again.

We know change can be tough, but these changes are essential for some new features that we have in the pipeline!

16th September 2019 – VUEconnected v 2.0.0

We know how important it is that you can get footage from your vehicle when you need it, and that the equipment has you covered. We’ve therefore added a great new feature to VUEconnected which shows when a camera or recorder is disconnected or faulty.


The full list of new features is:

  1. The ‘Track’ page sidebar shows any Camera faults
  2. The ‘Track’ page sidebar shows any storage device faults (SD/HD)
  3. Filter the track page sidebar to show faulty units
  4. The video list states if videos were not able to be downloaded
  5. We can enable the option to download up to 15 minutes of video from VMC8 units

24th July 2019

  1. Share vehicle location with multiple e-mails
  2. Improved Calendar Alerts
  3. Improved Driver ID system
  4. Vehicle Idling reports for all devices
  5. Licences Checking Report – reminder sent 3 months before expiry

2nd May 2019

This newest update includes some extra new VUEconnected features that you have asked for, which include:

  1. ‘Vehicle idling’ alerts (set various time delays)
  2. ‘Unauthorised User’ alert (when driver swipes in and shouldn’t be driving)
  3. ‘Vehicle input’ alerts (input is active or duration-of-use)
  4. More ‘Calendar Alert’ options
  5. Share vehicle tracking to multiple email addresses
  6. Filter and quick-select multiple drivers, vehicles and groups
  7. Intelligent search on all maps

April 2019

We’re delighted to announce that YouTrack is now called VUEconnected; and that it’s got a fresh new look plus some exciting new features.

We’ve changed the name to make it part of the VUEgroup family of products. Don’t worry; you’ll still get the same great product, functionality and service that you always have. In fact, YouTrack has been managed by VUE since mid-2017.

Let us know what you think!

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