SCCI Alphatrack are well established in the TV Media & Security industries and work for and with many leading blue chip companies, broadcasters, retail giants, large hotel groups, HM Prison Service, Private Health Care Service and private/social landlords.

With over 180 vehicles in their fleet SCCI Alphatrack wanted both to manage their vehicles more effectively whilst also gaining protection from ‘Crash for Cash’ scams. They also wanted to be able to supply more in depth information to the insurance company regarding any accidents to enable successful defence where previously liability was disputed and couldn’t be proven.

The vehicles were fitted with the VDR system complete with a forward facing camera which captures high quality footage which can establish blame and also show the level of damage to the other vehicle and the number of passengers and the seriousness of their injuries complete with key data such as time, date, location detailing where the accident took place; along with vehicle speed and G-force data showing the severity of the accident providing essential evidence for your insurance provider to disprove fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

Steven Knott from SCCI Alphatrack added:

“With the new livery showing the CCTV signs I think it will act as a deterrent to would be scammers and provide much needed evidence in the event of an accident”

Each vehicle was also fitted with VUETrak with allows the live monitoring and tracking of vehicles and produces driver scores based on driver style and performance allowing SCCI Alphatrack to manage their vehicles and drivers more effectively. In addition VUETrak also allows SCCI Alphatrack to monitor fuel consumption activities such as idling, harsh acceleration, and journey efficiency.