B&M are seeing the benefits of using Video Telematics in their food logistics fleet which helps them avoid third-party claims, reduces their fleet management risk, and improves driver appraisal with CCTV recording, telematics and file-sharing software.


B&M was formed in 1978 and is now one of the leading variety retailers in the UK, with over 540 stores and employing over 28,000 staff. They offer a wide range of products including food products, electrical products, home & furniture products and more.

With stores nationwide and a continuing commitment to the safety of their drivers, B&M wanted to further help their drivers safely carry out their work. They had identified several areas of development, including improving the driver appraisal process.

As part of their overall fleet risk and safety management initiatives, B&M were also looking for tools to assist accident investigations, particularly third-party claims, and to improve the overall claims-handling experience.  This would help them continue to operate a safe and cost-effective fleet.

Key Challenges:

– Improve driver appraisal

– Reduce third-party claims and associated costs

– Improve efficiency of claim-handling

Video Telematics In Food Logistics: The Solution

Paul Faid, Transport Team Manager at B&M said:

“VUEtech and VUEcloud were introduced to us by our fleet insurer, Allianz. After initial consultations we saw that VUE could provide us with market-leading fleet risk management tools that could contribute to our ongoing commitment to the safety of our drivers.”

As a trial, ten B&M vehicles were fitted with technology from the VUEmatics Connected range; the installations were completed by VUE engineers at different B&M sites, so the vehicles were off the road for a minimal amount of time.  VUEcloud logins were set up and on-boarding training was conducted for the fleet managers.

From the VUEmatics range, VMC4 units were selected.  These combined CCTV and telematics units record up to 4 cameras and collecting other key data such as time, date, GPS location, vehicle speed and G-Force ‘shock’ data. The VMC4s were set to also record vehicle inputs, showing if a driver had indicated and/or braked before or during an incident.

Two programmes were chosen from the VUEcloud software suite by B&M:

– The VUEconnected portal uses the live connectivity of the units to provide tracking and live viewing of the vehicle’s cameras and remote downloading of the footage. Driver performance reports can be easily run, alongside a range of bespoke exception reports, to be used to help improve driver behaviour and reduce the likelihood of accidents taking place, and costs of claim if an accident does occur.

– Purpose-built as a secure cloud-based platform, VUEcloud allows B&M to easily store, share and view video files alongside any associated digital files such as photos, statements and reports. Securely sharing data in the cloud removes the need to physically send storage devices and hard copy documents in the post, between sites and to external parties such as insurance companies and solicitors.

Comprehensive on-boarding and training was conducted over the duration of the trial.

Video Telematics in Food Logistics: The Results

video telematics in food logistics benefits

The telematics and cameras have greatly assisted accident investigations and claims management. The ability to securely share the CCTV footage and files via VUEcloud has significantly reduced the time taken to handle incident claims, which in turn reduced costs.

Paul Faid, Transport Team Manager at B&M comments:

“Our investment in the system is very much to help our drivers safely undertake the many driving miles that are essential to their work. The VUE team have been quick to appreciate our vision and business needs and offer us a national installation service that is ideally suited to our countrywide operations.

“The VUE system has rapidly generated benefits. Camera footage has already helped us, and our Insurers, avoid a third party claim conservatively estimated at £30,000 and has been an active element of significantly improving our overall claims experience. 

“More importantly, we use the downloaded camera footage and telematics data as part of our driver appraisal process, sharing with them examples of good driving and drawing to their attention areas where better driving standards can be observed. Using these methods to improve driver behaviour helps us to operate a safe, professional and cost-effective fleet.”

B&M have now committed to fitting all new vehicles with VUEmatics Connected units and are also considering using the same technology into the Forklifts trucks because of the proven benefits in the main fleet.


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