Knowledge is no use if you don’t use it.

We stand by that mantra at VUE, which is part of the reason why we’ve brought a new data scientist into our Data Science department. Kostas was brought on board because we wanted to continue to improve our current models and software. As we grow every year, we collect greater amounts of data which is becoming more detailed and complex. We thought it’d be the perfect time to enhance our team with another specialist who is dedicated to analysing this data and enhancing our existing algorithms.

Kostas started at VUE in June earlier this year as a Masters student studying Data Science at the University of Salford. He completed some great work with us as part of his Dissertation and received an impressive Distinction for his hard work. We couldn’t wait to keep him on after he graduated, and he now works with us full time as a Data Scientist.  

What is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is responsible for collecting and analysing large amounts of data. Kostas works under the Software Development Team and is responsible for looking at all of the data that VUE collects and using machine learning (AI) to find past and current patterns, and predict future trends.

Currently, Kostas is working on our Driver Behaviour Analysis and using AI to determine how behaviour is related to the number of accidents that occur, so that we can find future patterns for these accidents. Kostas is also working on creating formulas to process claims data and link it to telematics data so that we can determine how much these future accidents will cost in terms of claims. All of this will help our fleet managers and insurance partners better predict their risk so that they can take action to reduce it and prevent costly accidents from happening.

Kostas himself is extremely passionate about his field and excited to continue his data science work:

“I used to be a teacher in Greece for 10 years, but I left because I wanted to do something bigger. This eventually brought me to VUE. The very first day I worked with data science, I absolutely loved it. I love how you can find real truth through data and how it never lies to you. Data is the life blood of VUE, and because we collect and process so much of it, it’s important that we properly understand it for ourselves and our customers.”

Partnering with Salford University

12 months ago, we set out to partner with Salford University and brought two Data Science postgraduate students into the company. We wanted to give them a chance to gain some real-life experience in their field and benefitted from their fantastic work and great attitudes.

Professor Sunil Vadera, Dean of the School of Computing, Science and Engineering at the University of Salford, wanted to share his thoughts on the partnership:

“Over the last twelve months, Salford University has collaborated with VUE to place two Data Science postgraduate students into the company for their academic research projects. In their time there, they put their data science knowledge to practical use and worked on real life projects, demonstrating their capability and eagerness to work in the field. They gained invaluable work experience and their hard work did not go unnoticed – earning them both great results in their degrees.

We wanted to congratulate Kostas for receiving a Distinction and securing a full-time role in VUE as a Data Scientist after completing his degree. Well done Kostas!”

The Future

The future is bright for the video telematics industry, and AI technology has endless potential for improving processes such as automatic FNOL alerts and detecting future patterns for accidents and claims. Regardless of where this technology might lead us, you can always guarantee that VUE will be at the forefront of these developments, taking steps to improve our software and services every single day.