JLA is the UK’s leading provider of commercial laundry, catering, heating and fire safety solutions. The business has just over 450 vehicles in their fleet consisting of 100 company cars and 350 vans.  

JLA was initially referred to VUE by their insurance broker, Marsh. Their fleet is now fitted with the VMC1 forward facing camera and telematics recorder which is connected to the VUEconnected platform. The VMC1 allows JLA to record full HD video footage, precise positional data and full telematics data from vehicles in their fleet.

By connecting the VMC1 to the VUEconnected platform, JLA can also access live footage using the portal and download historical video footage recorded at the exact time and location of an incident. VUE’s technology has helped JLA’s fleet risk management and they can now defend their drivers and their claims with video telematics.

Group Fleet Manager of JLA, Anthony Marcou, talks about the benefits of using VUE’s video telematics technology and software below:

“VUE was recommended to us by our insurance broker Marsh initially, and it was quickly apparent to me with my fleet management experience that it was a really good product and a really good offering.”

“The [VMC1] footage is useful to JLA mainly to manage our insurance claims on a daily basis. We use it to extract footage and send to our insurer to help manage the claim itself. But we also use it for near miss reporting as well if there are any incidents that can educate the rest of the fleet.”

“There is one specific incident that I can think of where VUE has helped us. The capture we got from the camera perfectly showed the story and helped us to manage and defend that claim.”

“Overall, VUE are industry leading in what they do, certainly from the services that I have seen. I mean excellent. I’m really happy with the whole process and I’m happy to use VUE going forward for other services or other products that we decide to look into.” 


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