VUEhub: Get FNOL notifications, share footage securely analyse footage

All VUE services and applications in one place

VUEhub is where you access all VUE applications and services from one place. Using a single sign on, you can access VUEconnected, VUEcloud and VUEanalytics from the VUEhub home screen and benefit from a range of features that the platform offers.

Here are some features that VUEhub offers:

Training Resources

Access useful training videos and resources for all applications, which can be bookmarked for future reference

New Features

Access to all future developments and features, only released in VUEhub.

Customisable Home Screen

Move your applications and services around to customise your home screen to your liking.

Company Branding*

The option to add branding with your company logo.

Useful Alerts

Receive the latest alerts and notifications for all VUE applications and services in one place.

Mobile Friendly

Designed and optimised for mobile as well as desktop.

Access Everything

Access all of VUE’s online applications and services in one place.

Custom Links

Add custom links to third-party websites and web-based platforms which you frequently use.

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What our Customer Beta Testers think about VUEhub:

Ease of Use

VUEhub software is really easy to use.

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Information is secure

They feel their information is secure.

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Look and feel

They like the look and feel of VUEhub.

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Access all of VUE's services, tools and applications including...


Live Fleet Tracking and CCTV

Track your fleet live on the VUEconnected platform when your vehicles are fitted with the VMC range or any of our tracking devices. View live CCTV from any of your vehicles that are fitted with connected cameras, so you can check that your drivers are on track and on time. With our software you can access footage from the precise time and location of an incident, so you can see exactly what happened. Any footage can then be downloaded and shared with your team, insurer or broker through VUEcloud.

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Upload and Share Incident Footage

VUEcloud is a multimedia platform for uploading and sharing media files quickly and securely. Designed by our in-house developers, it is ideal for use in the claims handling process and is perfect for putting all files needed to settle a claim into one place. In the event of an incident, it’s easy to send footage straight from VUEconnected into VUEcloud and create a node (folder). You can then upload any more files relating to the incident into the same node (e.g. voice notes, images, pdfs and docs), then send a link to your insurer or broker so they can access everything.

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VUEanalytics logo: Reduce claims costs by promoting good driver behaviour and settling claims quickly.

Reports On Fleet Risks And Claims

This is where you can access valuable reports on fleet risk, driving performance and claims history. Using VUEanalytics, you can see how your fleet is performing against your KPIs, view claims data alongside driving performance so you can take steps to address issues, analyse the areas of highest risk in your fleet, and so much more. Using this reporting tool, you can make informed decisions to improve driving performance and work with your insurance provider to establish a plan to reduce risk and future claims.

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More about VUEhub:

With a single sign on, you can not only access all VUE applications from the home screen, but also benefit from a range of  useful training resources.

All future developments to our applications and all new services will be released directly onto the VUEhub platform. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

  • “It's very easy to use. Having one login for everything just saves time and makes tasks seem effortless. VUEconnected is used so much by our depots and it only takes 30 mins training in order to get them up to speed, and this can be done remotely which is so valuable when you are dealing with depots all across the country.”
    Leading European Courier
  • “It's a great system and having the ability to log in live to a driver and pull footage for accident investigations is vital. The system is very easy to use.”
    Leading European Courier
  • “VUEhub is market leading software.”
    Global Insurer
  • “VUEhub is easy to use and the image quality is excellent.”
    Top Ten Global Logistics Provider
  • “VUEhub helps with accident investigation and lowering the risk of bad behaviours.”
    Leading European Courier

VUE is Your Fleet Risk Management Partner

With over 20 years’ experience in the vehicle CCTV market, you can rest assured that VUE has the necessary expertise and knowledge needed to help our customers. Our Video Telematics hardware is market leading and our software solutions are purposely built in-house to make sense of customer data and bring about positive change in fleets. We partner with fleet operators and global insurance companies to help fleets improve driver behaviour, increase safety, minimise costs and reduce risk. On roads throughout Britain and Europe - what we do matters, as what we do makes a difference.

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VUE - Your Fleet Risk Management Partner


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