Clipper Logistics reduce their fleet management risk, defend drivers and improve the average ‘days-to-reporting’ with CCTV recording, telematics data and data sharing software.

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This case study explores reducing fleet management risk, defending drivers and improving the average ‘days-to-reporting’.  Clipper Logistics and VUE worked together to achieve this with CCTV recording, telematics data and data sharing software.


Clipper Logistics plc provides value-added logistics services to the retail sector in the United Kingdom, Germany, and rest of Europe. It operates a fleet of 266 vehicles across 44 locations and 8.3 million square feet of warehousing.

Clipper Logistics already had a very low number of accidents within their fleet, but were committed to continuously improving the safety and risk profile of their fleet.

With clearly defined processes for managing accidents, they were unsure of the value that vehicle CCTV could deliver to their already well-run fleet.

Key Challenges:

  • Already low number of accidents
  • Further reducing fleet management risk
  • Reduce average FNOL (First Notification Of Loss) ‘days-to-reporting’
  • Improve the efficiency of handling incidents


A pilot scheme was conducted in the Clipper London depot, consisting of twenty rigid and articulated vehicles.  Clipper’s insurance provider, part-funded the pilot with a bursary to further improve the risk profile.

For the rigid vehicles, VUE installed forward-facing, nearside and reverse cameras and a hard-drive recorder from the VUEconnected range. To improve the driver’s visibility around the vehicle an in-cab monitor was also installed.  This monitor automatically displayed the nearside camera when indicating left and the reverse camera when the reverse gear was activated.

In the articulated vehicles, VUE again installed forward-facing and nearside cameras with an in-cab monitor and a hard-drive recorder.  These units were all from the VUEconnected range.

Driver distraction is often stated as a contributing factor to incidents, so driver-facing cameras were also installed. These gave visibility of how the Clipper drivers were behaving and could identify any areas of training.

To enhance the incident management process, a VUEcloud account was set up for Clipper Logistics. This cloud-based software allowed any video files from incidents to be easily and securely shared with their insurer and other stakeholders. This would help improve the average ‘days-to-reporting’.

Most importantly, training was conducted for the London depot on how to download footage from the recording unit and on using VUEcloud. Ongoing support, throughout the trial period, was provided by VUE’s dedicated support team.


Reducing Fleet Management Risk - Results

During the trial a vehicle was damaged in an incident. The driver reported that a traffic cone had flown-up and hit this vehicle before he had had chance to react. After reviewing the video footage, in VUEcloud, it was clear that the cone had been struck by the vehicle in front, and the driver could not have avoided the damage to his vehicle. The footage was quickly sent to the Insurers claims team to process. As the camera footage had verified the driver’s statement, there were no training needs and his performance record remained intact.

In another incident, a lorry had collided with the back of a Range Rover and its drivers were seeking compensation. The CCTV footage showed that the Range Rover had randomly slammed on its brakes, that the driver was not distracted and that the lorry just couldn’t stop in time. This potential ‘Crash-for-Cash’ style claim was defended quickly and efficiently using VUEcloud to provide the CCTV evidence to the insurer.

Mick Doe, Transport Director at Clipper Logistics, explains “By using VUE’s range of solutions, we’ve further improved our fleet risk management. We’ve a number of incidents where the system has protected our business and proven invaluable, so we’re rolling out VUE equipment across the fleet.”

With the ability to efficiently and securely share incident footage to all stakeholders, Clipper have improved their process for handling incidents and reduced the average ‘days-to-reporting’.

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