Vehicle CCTV Cameras

At VUE we stock a range of vehicle camera and CCTV systems. Whether you are looking for external security cameras, internal CCTV recorders or reversing cameras we have a great range to choose from.  All of our cameras are compatible with VUE camera systems and will provide a high level of recording and monitoring for any vehicle.

If you don’t see the camera or system you are looking for, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

Driver Distraction AI

Part no. DDAI

Driver camera with built-in AI technology, helping drivers to stay focused on the road.

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HD IR Side Camera

Part no. CAM-IR-HD

This hi-resolution camera comes with a wing mirror bracket. Providing extra security with its IR capabilities. IP rating means it can be fitted externally, surviving all weather conditions.

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Eliminate blind spots with a 360-degree view of your vehicle

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Side IR Camera


An essential piece of vehicle CCTV for mitigating risks and full fleet safety.

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HD Camera and Telematics Recorder

Part no. VMC2

This powerful video telematics recorder has a forward facing camera with 4G connectivity. It's easily hard-wired into any vehicle.

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HD Forward Facing Camera


This HD forward facing camera is perfect for refuting false insurance claims and reducing claim costs.

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Side Camera

Part no. VMCSIDE

This sturdy side camera (offside or nearside) is a fantastic device designed to help drivers manoeuvre safely.

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Internal Driver IR Camera

Part no. VDRCIR12V

This compact vehicle camera has infrared illumination and is typically used for in-cab recording.

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Microdome Camera


This vandal-resistant camera fits neatly into vehicle roofs and side-walls and can be fitted internally or externally.

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Reverse Camera

Part no. VUEK5CAM6PD

This waterproof reverse camera comes in a white case and has infrared illumination.

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HD Reverse IR Camera

Part no. HDREVCAM12V – IR

This HD IR camera is extremely durable and gives drivers a clear rear view when reversing.

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Roof Mount Reverse Camera


This durable roof mounted camera helps drivers have greater visibility when reversing.

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