Vehicle and Fleet Safety Technology

From reversing aids to cyclist proximity detection and audible alarms, our range of Fleet Safety Technology  reduces the risk of accidents in your fleet and helps with FORS, CLOCS and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliance.

In addition to our Vehicle CCTV Cameras and Telematics solutions we offer a broader range of vehicle safety solutions. Sensors, trackers and alarms all help compliment the VUE range of technology and minimise the risk of accidents within your fleet. Our technology not only provides maximum safety for your drivers and fleet, but also reduces the risk of accidents to the public.

Driver Distraction AI

Part no. DDAI

Driver camera with built-in AI technology, helping drivers to stay focused on the road.

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Pedestrian AI Camera

Pedestrian AI


Intelligently detects pedestrians or cyclists surrounding the sides and rear of a vehicle

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Eliminate blind spots with a 360-degree view of your vehicle

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VUEscan – Proximity Sensor

Part no. VUESCAN

VUEscan uses integrated vehicle ultrasonics to help eliminate blind spots on large vehicles when turning.

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VUEscan-rear – Reversing Sensor


VUEscan-rear uses integrated vehicle ultrasonics to aid large vehicles when reversing.

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Left Turn Alarm – Voice Alert

Part no. VUE-LTAF

This emits a loud external alarm when a vehicle indicates left to alert pedestrians and cyclists.

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Reverse Alarm – White Noise


This emits an external alarm (white noise) when a vehicle reverses to alert anyone in proximity.

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