Safety Technology

HALO Personal Tracker with SOS Button

Halo – A Personal Tracker


This personal tracking device contains an SOS and ‘Call Me’ button that can initiate a two-way voice call in any emergency.

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VUEgo Cigarette Lighter GPS Tracker

VUEgo – Durable Plug-n-go Telematics

Part no. VUEgo

VUEgo provides safety features and Driving-Style Monitoring for the driver, with Driver Risk Profiles for the insurer. Simply plug it into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and it’s ready to go!

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VUEscan Proximity Sensor

VUEscan – Proximity Sensor

Part no. VUESCAN

VUEscan uses integrated vehicle ultrasonics to help eliminate blind spots on large vehicles when turning.

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VUEscan Rear

VUEscan-rear – Reversing Sensor System


VUEscan-rear uses integrated vehicle ultrasonics to aid large vehicles when reversing.

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VUE-LTA Left Turn Alarm

Left Turn Alarm – Voice Alert

Part no. VUE-LTA

This emits a loud external alarm when a vehicle indicates left to alert pedestrians and cyclists.

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AUDREVWN Reverse Alarm White Noise

Reverse Alarm – White Noise


This emits an external alarm (white noise) when a vehicle reverses to alert anyone in proximity.

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