VUEtrack – Telematics And Tracking

Part number TRK-VUETRACK

VUEtrack combines Telematics and Tracking in one device. It’s Driver Behaviour Reporting makes it ideal for Fleet Management. We use VUEtrack where the fleet has no risk management technology or has an older tracking system which needs upgrading.


Product Specification

The VUEtrack device provides telematics and tracking information for your vehicles, where CCTV footage is not required.  This provides an advanced fleet management tool that improves driver behaviour and reduces fleet running costs.

VUEtrack tracker is used where the fleet has no existing risk-management technology or has an older tracking system in need of upgrading. If you require CCTV footage as well as tracking and telematics, we’d suggest our VMC range for an all-in-one solution.

The TRK-VUETRACK unit can be used on any type of vehicle including company cars. It reports back to VUEhub where you can track and replay your journeys and create reports.