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VUE is a leading supplier of vehicle CCTV and telematics solutions. We have a vast amount of Fleet Risk Management experience in many industries and supply bespoke solutions to ensure you get exactly what you need for your fleet.

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Trusted by over 16,000 users who've uploaded 747,000+ videos and files.

VUE supply bespoke solutions to meet the needs of every kind of fleet.

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What our Customers say...

Positive Impact

89% agree VUE has had a

positive impact.

secure data

93% feel that that their data is secure.


87% say that because of VUE, incidents

are managed easily and quickly.

  • “VUEcloud is a simple cost-effective system. It has enabled us to better manage our transportation on a daily basis, providing cloud-based footage of our fleet. VUEcloud has provided to be a useful tool for insurers and has led to improved training and education within K+N reducing accidents and subsequent costs.”
    National Fleet Controller at Kuehne & Nagel
  • “We currently use the VMC4 product with... the VUEcloud platform which enables us to upload our videos and give us easy access as well as the insurers.  The value the system offers is not just around post incident reporting; the drivers are really engaged in terms of feeding back incidents to the management team.”
    Ian Greatrex, National Logistics Manager at Johnsons
  • “We were questioning our decision to implement cameras throughout our fleet 3 years ago. Using VUEcloud has enabled us to realise a 7x return on our investment in vehicle CCTV. For us it all came down to accessing and sharing the footage fast and easy.”
    Financial Director at UK Timber Supplier
  • I love this - what just took me 2 minutes used to take me hours to do; find a window to burn the CD, put it in a jiffy bag, send it off to our insurer, several times it got damaged and I had to resend it, on top of that I can now send it to several people in seconds.
    General Manager at Leading London Coach Company
  • To put more focus on active risk management we have introduced a number of new initiatives into our business. A very important enabler of these initiatives is the ability to share information freely with our insurers, our drivers and required third parties. We use VUEcloud to share CCTV from our vehicles securely and reliably.
    Owner of Leading National Coach Company
  • From the outset, we have utilised VUEcloud and today it is a vital system for our business. Secure storage and transfer of information whilst maintaining the highest standards of governance is exactly what we need, VUEcloud provides this and more.
    Ambulance Service, NHS Trust
  • “VUEcloud is a simple cost-effective system. It has enabled us to better manage our transportation on a daily basis, providing cloud based video footage of our fleet. VUEcloud has proved to be a useful tool for insurers and has led to improved training and education within K+N reducing accidents and subsequent costs.”
    Kuehne & Nagel
  • “The [VMC1] footage is useful to JLA mainly to manage our insurance claims on a daily basis. We use it to extract footage and send to our insurer to help manage the claim itself. But we also use it for near miss reporting as well if there are any incidents that can educate the rest of the fleet.”
    Anthony Marcou, Group Fleet Manager, JLA
  • “The VUE system has also been quick to generate benefits. Camera footage has already helped us to successfully defend several accident claims which has led to a significant improvement in our overall claims experience.”
    Nick Webb, Fleet Manager, AFE Group
  • “The VUE system has been quick to generate benefits. Camera footage has already helped us and our Insurers avoid a third-party claim… and has been an active element of significantly improving our overall claims experience.”
    Paul Faid, Transport Team Manager, B&M

Customer Case Studies:

JLA Case Study

Defending Claims with Video Telematics

Johnsons & Aviva

'Prevention First' to mitigate risk and mitigate loss

Total Produce

Improving Fleet Safety and Lowering Accident Frequency with Total Produce.

Orbis Protect Vehicle

Orbis Protect

Seeing Clear ROI From Video Telematics.

NHS Blood and Transplant

Showing Great Return On Investment Using Video Telematics.


Using VUEhub, you can:

Improve driver behaviour and lower accident frequency

• Get driver behaviour league tables with a 1 to 5-star rating. Reward good drivers and give driver feedback to improve behaviour and decrease accident frequency.
• Make your driver training even more engaging by combining driver league tables with video footage of incidents.
• Identify and target areas of highest risk most applicable to your fleet (driver behaviour, fatigue, judgement etc) to mitigate risk


Defend claims against drivers with Video Telematics

• After an incident, the Video Telematics footage and data recorded provides undeniable evidence of who was at fault.
• Defend your drivers against fraudulent claims (such as ‘Crash For Cash’) or claims with conflicting accounts, and ensure your fleet maintains a great reputation.


Save time and money

• All of your vehicles tracking, telematics and video management are in one easy-to-use platform (VUEhub)
• Full Video Telematics solution using only one SIM card per vehicle. That’s just one on-going cost for both tracking and video.
• When you need footage, you can download video from the exact time and location of an incident within seconds. With remote access, you won’t need to chase vehicles to retrieve a hard drive or SD card.


Improve your relationship with your insurer

• Instantly sending incident footage and other details to your TPA or claims team
• Take a pro-active approach to risk management and understand how driver behaviour can be improved and identify hot spots in your fleet where risk can be reduced.

Resolve claims quickly

• After an incident, you can instantly share incident footage with your TPA or claims team along with any relevant details in any file formats (including video, images, pdfs, etc). This helps you manage insurance claims easily and quickly.

Reduce fleet risk and lower accident frequency

• Identify the areas of highest risk specific to a fleet, such as driver behaviour or fatigue.
• Understand which areas to target first to mitigate risk.

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