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Video Telematics Solutions For Light Goods Vehicles

VUE offers a range of bespoke vehicle CCTV and telematics solutions ideal for light commercial fleets that can help both eliminate blind spots for drivers whilst also helping improve driver behaviour and reducing accidents. Our award-winning VMC can also help prevent fraudulent and exaggerated personal injury claims by recording incident footage along with the vehicle speed, location, time, date, and G-force measurements.

Our system can be customised to suit your specific fleet needs by adding cameras such as internal load cameras to monitor vehicle loading and unloading and also our side cameras and VUEscan which help eliminate blind spots on larger vehicles reducing the risk of collisions with obstacles such as pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas.

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A complete fleet management solution that increases fleet efficiency, reduces risk and lowers claims costs.

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Vue Hub - Your Complete Fleet Management Software Solution

The VUEhub portal gives you access to VUE’s full suite of software solutions, with a single sign in.

The software solutions are connected to create an efficient workflow. You can track all vehicles and view live footage in VUEconnected, send incident footage directly into VUEcloud to securely share with your claims team before heading over to VUEanalytics to view your fleet’s risk portfolio and claims trends.

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VUEgroup Telematics solutions

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