VUE's innovative technology minimises blind spots around a vehicle, significantly reduces the number of incidents on site by alerting an operator to pedestrians in areas of risk, and ultimately protects workers in one of the most dangerous and high-risk industries.

To further enhance your fleet operations, you can also access an online solution that links your machinery to a central hub, enabling you to use telematics data to make more informed decisions and enhance your reporting on fleet performance.

With Pedestrian AI Cameras

Watch how Pedestrian AI is improving site safety

How does Pedestrian AI prevent accidents on site?

Pedestrian AI uses innovative technology to detect human presence in three zones around an operating machine; both sides and the rear.

The cameras provide a real-time visual and audible alert in-cab to warn the operator of the potential danger. The high-definition image highlights the risk, enabling operators to take the necessary action. An external speaker can also be fitted to warn the individual at risk and increase pedestrian awareness of the operating machine.

As the AI technology can differentiate between humans and static objects e.g., bricks or scaffolding, this prevents excessive alerting and makes it an accurate solution that workers can trust.

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Gain a better understanding of incidents using alerts

If an alert is triggered by any of the three cameras or the in-cab panic button is pressed in the event of an emergency, this sends an automatic alert to our online fleet management tool. Footage from the incident can be viewed on VUEhub which enables fleet managers to have full awareness of what is happening on-site, provide clarity on incidents, and improve overall safety. 

All alerts can be downloaded in an Excel report and colour-coded based on severity for easy organisation and prioritisation. When paired with the footage, these reports add vital context to situations and site managers can use this information to identify workers who need additional training and make more data-driven decisions.  

The comprehensive alerting system provides managers with:

• Tools for deeper accident analysis 
• Instant visibility of an accident
• Resource for safety training 

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Integrated telematics to improve fleet efficiency and reduce risk

Gain fleet performance insights such as:

• Individual driver behaviour through the use of Driver ID cards
• Data on near-misses to improve reporting in this area
• Duration of time spent idling for plant utilisation
• Damage to pieces of machinery

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Recommended kit for construction vehicles


This video telematics device can connect up to four cameras and provides you with the option to record audio to an SD card.

Pedestrian AI

A 3-camera system that detect pedestrians around a vehicle using accurate AI-powered technology.


Forward-facing camera

HD camera that captures everything in front of the vehicle and can record in both light and dark conditions.


This reliable montor enables the operator to see exactly where pedestrians are in relation to their vehicle help them to take the necessary avoiding action.

RFID reader

Contactless or insertion card reader device used to track and log the operator of the vehicle.


Monitor fleet performance, see the live location of machinery, review incident footage, and more in one centralised place.

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