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Manoeuvring a large vehicle is an already difficult task but doing this in a built-up area, surrounded by vulnerable road users, while having responsibility for passenger welfare makes it all the more challenging.

As drivers of buses and coaches have significant blind spots around their vehicles, this means there is a high risk of low-speed collisions.

However, road safety technology can be used to mitigate this risk by giving drivers greater visibility. Cameras can also be used to bring clarity to incidents that occur as well as to enhance operations.

What are the benefits of our vehicle CCTV and telematics solution for buses and coaches?

Reduces the risk of accidents

Different variations of vehicle cameras minimise the extensive blind spots around a bus or coach. This additional visibility helps drivers gain a better understanding of their surroundings, enables them to spot vulnerable road users, and prevents collisions.

Prevent vehicle damage

Extra visibility allows drivers to manoeuvre safely, particularly in places such as bus terminals and car parks where there is a high risk of bumping or scraping the vehicle. This decreases vehicle downtime, lowers repair costs and helps maintain a positive brand reputation.

Safeguards drivers and passengers

Vehicle CCTV acts as an effective deterrent against criminal activity including vandalism, abusive behaviour towards drivers or passengers, and theft. If an incident does occur, footage can aid in an investigation and defend drivers from false allegations.

Improve efficiency of operations

Remotely download footage for quicker incident analysis, track a bus or coach's live location, check the health status of hardware and monitor driver behaviour using our online fleet management tool; VUEhub.

  • “The VUE team have done a fantastic job. Every single possible angle is covered whether there's a trailer or not. Drivers now have the tools to do their job properly.
    Ed Thomson, Vans for Bands

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Prevent low bridge strikes with Low Bridge Alerting System

Tight schedules, pressures of planned routes with passengers, and a change in bus size are just a few common causes of low bridge strikes. Low Bridge Alerting System (LBAS) helps to minimise the risk of these collisions by sending an in-cab alert when a low bridge or other road height restriction (e.g., overhead wires) is detected based on the direction the driver is travelling.

Detects every low bridge in the UK

As the system contains every low bridge and road height restriction in the UK, alerts will be triggered no matter where your driver's route takes them.

Revolutionary algorithm

The device does not rely on geofences and only sends alerts based on live drive time which helps to eliminate false positives.

Audit trail

Fleet managers can view alerts on a map to see exactly when/where drivers were alerted, and download the report to gain an audit trial.

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What is our recommended kit for bus and coach fleets?

Having a variation of cameras on a vehicle is key to maximising safety, especially on a bus or coach. Not only does investing in road safety technology help to prevent collisions, but it also ensures your fleet adheres to the standards set out by the DVSA. The guidelines state that drivers must continuously scan their surroundings, particularly blind spots, for vulnerable road users, which is our recommended kit.


This powerful and highly durable telematics device allows for 8 cameras to be connected which is key to achieving full coverage around buses and coaches. The VMC8 device also records vehicle data for reporting.

Pedestrian AI

Pedestrian AI minimises blind spots by detecting vulnerable road users in three zones around a vehicle; both sides and rear. The device then sends an alert to the driver in-cab to make them aware of the potential danger.


This device stitches video images together in real-time to create a 360-degree bird's eye view around a bus or coach and displays the clear seamless image on an in-cab monitor.

Internal cameras

Vandal-resistant internal cameras are ideal for capturing any incidents that occur on the bus or coach. Cameras such as the microdome are waterproof meaning they can be fitted externally. Alternative colours available.

Low Bridge Alerting System

An industry-leading preventative solution for bridge strikes and collisions with other road height restrictions. LBAS is an accurate solution that drivers can trust.


Remotely download footage to speed up incident analysis, monitor driver and fleet performance, see a vehicle's live location, share accident footage with an insurer, and more in one centralised place.

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