Video telematics solutions for bus and coach fleets

VUE offers a range of bespoke vehicle CCTV and telematics solutions ideal for the bus and coach industry. Our award-winning video telematics devices help improve bus and coach driver behaviour and help prevent fraudulent and exaggerated personal injury claims by recording incident footage along with the vehicle speed, location, time, date and G-force measurements. The data produced provides both safety and assurance for bus and coach drivers and fleet managers, whilst at the same time minimising your fleet risk. The Low Bridge Alerting System is a revolutionary bridge strike solution which helps significantly reduce the risk of an incident occurring.

Buses and coaches have to manoeuvre in busy city spaces and have greater exposure to low-speed collisions with other road users. Our Left Turn Alarm systems help notify and protect cyclists, while CCTV cameras eliminate vehicle blind spots and can aid drivers when reversing. Internal CCTV can be added to ensure passenger and driver safety and also help disprove exaggerated claims from passengers and also fraudulent claims from phantom passengers when incidents do occur.

The VUE product range of cameras, telematics and fleet management solutions provide Bus and Coach Fleet Managers with the tools needed to improve safety and mitigate risk. Through Telematics and CCTV, your fleet drivers and vehicles will become safer and more efficient., reducing both cost and risk to your business.

What we recommend...

8 channel DVR

With the capability of connecting up to 8 cameras, the VMC8 video telematics recorder is recommended for a bus or coach, to provide full coverage of the vehicle and its surroundings.


Forward-facing camera

This HD camera is the perfect choice for recording footage at the front of the vehicle. It features a 90° wide angle and provides high quality recordings both in the day and night.

Reverse camera

This IR camera provides drivers with a clear view of the reverse of the vehicle, providing greater visibility when manoeuvring when connected to an in-cab monitor.

Side cameras

This robust side camera is designed to fit perfectly to the nearside or offside of a vehicle, and has a large viewing angle of 150°-180° to provide a wide side-view.

Internal cameras

The vandal-resistant microdome camera is ideal for buses and coaches due to it being tamperproof. It can also be fitted externally as it is also waterproof.


Driver camera

Typically used for in-cab recordings, this IR camera can also be fitted elsewhere internally. Records high quality footage, even at night.

Driver Distraction AI

An AI camera which picks up when a driver is distracted and alerts them in-cab. A preventative measure that can keep drivers focused, especially when driving passengers.


This camera system consists of four cameras situated around a vehicle, which stitch together to form a seamless 360° birdseye image to provide a driver with a clear view of its surroundings, eliminating blind spots.

Low bridge alerting system

An innovative bridge strike solution which alerts drivers in-cab when they are at risk of hitting a bridge lower than their vehicle height.




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The VUEhub portal gives you access to VUE’s full suite of software solutions, with a single sign in.

The software solutions are connected to create an efficient workflow. You can track all vehicles and view live footage, send incident footage directly into VUEcloud to securely share with your claims team before heading over to the Driver Behaviour Dashboard to view your fleet’s risk portfolio and claims trends.

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