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Video Telematics Solutions For Grey Fleets

Grey fleet drivers are employees that drive their own cars for business. Having grey fleet drivers can be more beneficial for businesses that do not travel high business mileage, however grey fleet drivers can sometimes be hard to manage in respect of mileage, accident management, and general vehicle maintenance.

If a grey fleet driver is out on business, your company could be liable if they were to have an accident. There is also the AMAP rates to consider and the overall duty of care.

Our non-evasive video telematics solutions can help you manage your fleet efficiency to keep your employees safe and protect your bottom line.

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A complete fleet management solution that increases fleet efficiency, reduces risk and lowers claims costs.

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Vue Hub - Your Complete Fleet Management Software Solution

The VUEhub portal gives you access to VUE’s full suite of software solutions, with a single sign in.

The software solutions are connected to create an efficient workflow. You can track all vehicles and view live footage in VUEconnected, send incident footage directly into VUEcloud to securely share with your claims team before heading over to VUEanalytics to view your fleet’s risk portfolio and claims trends.

VUEhub For Fleets
VUEgroup: Video Telematics and dedicated software solutions combine to mitigate risks for fleets.

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