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Video Telematics Solutions For Emergency Services

VUE has supplied vehicle CCTV and video telematics to the Emergency Services for over a decade and has worked with many of the UK’s Ambulance, Police, and Fire services along with other blue and amber light bodies such as NHS Blood and Transplant, VOSA and the highways agency. VUE is named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s RM6143 framework and as CCTV and telematics devices installed in thousands of emergency service vehicles

Our systems can be configured to record the activation of additional vehicle inputs such as the siren, blues, and H/L flash so footage shows if and when the emergency response functions were activated. Cameras can also be set to record only in certain circumstances such as on the activation of a panic button which is suited for patient cameras.


A complete fleet management solution that increases fleet efficiency, reduces risk and lowers claims costs.

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What our Emergency Services customers say...

  • “Without a doubt, VUE equipment lowers claims costs  and increases the efficiency  of the claims handling process. I pushed to get vehicle cameras for our fleet as I knew the benefits and Return on Investment that VUE's Video Telematics equipment would provide, and have been really please with the results.”
    John Lowden, NHS Blood and Transplant
  • “These cameras that we've got are more to support what we've seen when we go to court. There's a lot of serious injury on the road, and a lot of it is caused through negligence.”
    Merseyside Police
  • “The cameras are vital, not just from a staff safety point of view but for passengers too. We also work very closely with the police.”
    North East Ambulance Service
  • “Excellent system, we received replacement parts within a couple of days.”
    Ambulance Service
  • “A reliable system, easy to use, with a large capacity disc recording (some claims come in from months ago).”
    Fire and Rescue Service
  • “Service and product are reliable, staff are knowledgeable.”
    Ambulance Service

Positive Impact

90% agree VUE has had a

positive impact

94% say that because of VUE, incidents

are managed quickly and easily.

80% have been VUE customers

for 6+ years.

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Emergency Services Case Studies and Blogs

NHS Blood and Transplant

Showing Great Return On Investment Using Video Telematics.

West Midlands Ambulance Service

Innovative UK First All-Electric Ambulance Features VUE’s Video Telematics.

Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police Fit New X5 Police Cars with VUE Cameras.

North East Ambulance Service

CCTV drives down ambulance accident rates.

Rainbow Wrap

South East Coast Ambulance Service

The Rainbow Ambulance Wrap Competition Brings A Splash Of Colour.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

We’re proud to have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s RM6143 framework.

Vue Hub - Your Complete Fleet Management Software Solution

The VUEhub portal gives you access to VUE’s full suite of software solutions, with a single sign in.

The software solutions are connected to create an efficient workflow. You can track all vehicles and view live footage in VUEconnected, send incident footage directly into VUEcloud to securely share with your claims team before heading over to VUEanalytics to view your fleet’s risk portfolio and claims trends.

VUEhub For Fleets
VUEgroup: Video Telematics and dedicated software solutions combine to mitigate risks for fleets.

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