Video Telematics Solutions For Waste Management Fleets

Waste management vehicles often have to access and manoeuvre in narrow streets and navigate through tight spaces.

Our vehicle CCTV systems help fleet help drivers by giving them a 360° view of the vehicle and eliminating blind spots.


CCTV and fleet tracking can also provide proof of pickups and load cameras can be added to show drivers the contents of the load. Integrating this with onboard weighing systems, it allows CCTV and the recording of load weights to be combined. Useful data is also provided in the form of the vehicle speed, location, time, date and G-force measurements.

Our tracking and telematics system can be customised to suit your specific fleet needs by adding CCTV such as our side cameras and sensors which help eliminate blind spots on larger vehicles such as waste vehicles. These vastly reduce reduce the risk of collisions with vehicles and colleagues working in close proximity to the vehicle. This is particularly the case in confined spaces when making collections and also related to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas.

A complete management solution for Waste Management Fleets that increases fleet efficiency, reduces fleet risk and lowers claims costs.

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