Pedestrian AI

Part number AIPEDCAM

Pedestrian AI helps significantly reduce driving accidents caused by blind spots by using AI technology to detect when vulnerable users are in areas of risk within three zones around the vehicle; both sides and rear. The cameras provide a real-time visual and audio alarm in-cab to alert drivers to potential dangers. The high definition image highlights the risk, helping drivers manoeuvre with more awareness and avoid incidents.

Pedestrian AI Camera

Product Specification

The Pedestrian AI camera can intelligently detect any pedestrians surrounding the sides and rear of a vehicle. It provides a driver with an in-cab real-time audio and visual alert – mitigating the risk of any incidents and significantly improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The wide angle lens can also help drivers remove blind spots, making it ideal for larger vehicles such as HGVs, buses and construction vehicles. With its IP rating, this camera is ready for any conditions. Although, this camera is not IR compatible, it work extremely well in low light situations.