Fleet Risk Management

Displaying valuable telematics and claims data in easy to understand, useable charts. Providing contextualised information such as road type and highway code infractions. Identifying the link between driver behaviour and claims performance.

VUEanalytics makes it easy to use telematics data in your Fleet Risk Management Strategy

VUEanalytics is part of the VUEhub suite of software solutions.

VUEanalytics lets you combine fleet telematics reports such as driver behaviour with other fleet reports enabling you to visualise this information so you can instantly understand in order to make better informed decisions faster. Unlike traditional telematics, you get contextualised information such as the type of roads, road conditions and highway code infractions.

You can see fleet trends and hot spots, areas where more focus and action is required. Take control of your fleets risk profile and build stronger relationships with you insurers and risk partners.

With VUEanalytics we use raw data from your telematics service provider. We then introduce 3rd party sourced data and run analysis using sophisticated risk algorithms to generate insight into how your fleet behaves, where they are exposed to risk, what risks they are exposed to and why. This can be measured against your industry benchmarks, using custom built KPIs.

VUEanalytics works with your existing telematics and insurance providers* giving you the tools to improve overall fleet efficiency and to reduce claims costs by improving driver performance.

* Assumes you are insured by one of our preferred insurance partners, if not we would need to ensure we can source and upload your claims data

Save Money

Reduce claims costs by improving driver behaviour and linking straight through to video footage of individual claims managed in VUEcloud

Reduce Risk

In your fleet and identify the ‘hot spots’ where focus and action is required

Elite Support

Take comfort in 6 months included support with a dedicated support forum

  • To put more focus on active risk management we have introduced a number of new initiatives into our business. A very important enabler of these initiatives is the ability to share information freely with our insurers, our drivers and required third parties. We use VUEcloud to share CCTV from our vehicles securely and reliably.
    Owner of Leading National Coach Company
  • We have our own claims dashboard displayed on VUEcloud courtesy of our insurers.
    Ambulance Service, NHS Trust

VUEanalytics Product Tour

We developed VUEanalytics to overcome a common frustration when viewing management reports derived from telematics data, which is that it can be difficult to see the trends in driver behaviour across your entire fleet.

VUEanalytics repurposes your data and displays it in an easy to view dashboard with the ability to dive deeper into the data; you can see the context of journeys including type of roads, road conditions alongside and highway code infractions.

The VUEanalytics Dashboards work with any telematics data provider and can be customised to suit your exact requirements.


How Is My Overall Fleet Performing?


See how your fleet is performing over a period of time. The Red, Amber, Green design allows you to quickly identify areas that need improvement.

How Is My Fleet Performing Against My KPI's?


See how your overall fleet is performing against the targets you set. This can help identify drivers who need additional training.

Who Are My Best Performing Drivers?


Quickly see who your best-performing drivers are and how they compare to other drivers. Reward great behaviour and encourage improvement in those who need it.

Who Are My Worst Performing Drivers?


Easily see your worst performing drivers. This can help you identify areas of driver training and development.


Is There A Correlation Between Driver Behaviour & Claims?


By integrating your claims data with VUEanalytics you can see which drivers have the most claims and those with the highest cost of claims.

Individual Driver Performance


Deep dive into individual drivers and see how their performance compares to your other drivers as well as industry standards.


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