It goes without mentioning that collating evidence to provide clarity on an incident is an integral part of police work and it's no different when it comes to situations that occur while a police officer is out on the roads.

Vehicle CCTV and road safety technology that records even when the ignition has been off for up to 24 hours, enables officers to capture criminal acts and provides an additional way for officers to understand situations that occur.

What are the benefits of our vehicle CCTV and telematics solution for police fleets?

Provides undeniable evidence

Capture criminal acts including visuals of number plates and faces, and see an incident in its entirety using robust vehicle cameras.

Efficient incident investigation

The ability to download footage remotely helps to speed up incident investigation and makes for a more efficient process.

Reduces risk of accidents

Greater visibility around a vehicle means drivers can manoeuvre with more awareness.

Safeguards officers

The presence of tamper-proof cameras helps protect officers by deterring threatening behaviour and can defend officers from false allegations.

Enhance the efficiency of blue light operations with VUEhub

View emergency vs. non-emergency journeys

See when blue lights or sirens were activated during a trip and gain vital context when analysing an incident. This also helps to bring clarity to accident claims.

Secure media exchange

Upload, store, and share incident footage via the VUEcloud tile. Feel reassured that any exchange of files will always be compliant with data protection laws. Footage can also be used as part of officer training.

Fault indication system

Quickly check the health status of hardware over the air to ensure operations continue to run smoothly and you always have access to the footage you need.

Visualise past trips and track current ones

Gain a better understanding of an incident by looking at a trip in its entirety. You can also view when customisable inputs on a trip have been used or are currently active e.g., sirens on.

What is our recommended kit for police fleets?


The VMC4 allows up to four different cameras to be connected to the vehicle, records in HD quality and provides the option to record audio to an SD card.


VUE's rear, internal and forward cameras are vandal-resistant, reliable and efficient. They capture visuals in and around a vehicle, helping to improve safety and capture vital evidence.


An in-vehicle monitor enables a driver to see a full 360° angle around their vehicle, view the different cameras or be alerted to vulnerable road users in their blind spots.


This online fleet management tool enables you to replay past journeys, track a vehicle's location live, monitor driver and fleet performance, and more. 


Fleet managers can securely upload, store and share incident footage with an insurer or relevant third party via this purpose-built platform.

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