Defend Against Claims

Defend Against Claims

Video footage recorded after an accident shows undeniable evidence of who was at fault and determines how a claim should be handled.

Instead of relying on witness testimonies that can take time and be unreliable, using video footage allows you to review what happened, determine immediately who was at fault and whether to defend a claim or settle. Quick, simple and effective.

Using software to speed up handling claims can make the whole claims process even more efficient. After an incident, you can download video footage from the time and location of the accident, compile this footage and other relevant information into VUEcloud, our media sharing platform, then send a link to your claims team to access everything without the need to convert any files. This helps you and your insurer settle claims as quickly as possible, and turns a process that could have taken months to determine who was at fault and how to handle a claim, into one that takes only a couple of hours.

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What does the claims handling process look like with VUE?

Your fleet vehicles are fitted with VUE’s Video Telematics recorders which records both telematics data and video footage

You receive an alert through VUEconnected that an incident occurs with one of your vehicles

You remotely request video footage from the vehicle through VUEconnected and review the footage

You send the footage directly to VUEcloud, our media sharing and storage platform, along with any other files that may be required to effectively handle a claim

You send a link to the node (folder) created in VUEcloud to your insurer and any other third parties, and alter permissions according to the recipient

All parties can see what happened from the video footage and determine how to settle that claim. A process which could have taken months (and sometimes years) to get clarity on what exactly happened and who was at fault, can now be tackled within hours


Access footage instantly

and start the claims handling process minutes after the incident occurs


See exactly what happened

so you can determine how to handle a claim quickly and efficiently


Defend against fraudulent claims

and avoid false claim payouts that can range into the thousands

How can VUE's hardware help defend against claims?

Vehicle Cameras

Our HD and robust cameras can be fitted around any type of vehicle and, when used with our Video Telematics recorders, can record footage from around a vehicle which shows exactly what happened after an accident and who was at fault. We provide front, side and reversing cameras to provide a complete picture of what happened, so that all areas around a vehicle are covered.

Forward Facing Camera

Forward Cameras

Used for recording forward-facing footage - invaluable in the event of an incident.

Side Camera

Side Cameras

Designed to fit onto vehicles of any size or type. Ideal for eliminating blind spots.

Reverse Camera

Reversing Cameras

Provides an unobstructed rear view, giving drivers better visibility when reversing.

In-Cab Camera

In-Cab Cameras

Ideal for any type of vehicle, these cameras are fitted internally, usually for in-cab monitoring.

Why choose VUE cameras?

Record reliable footage

Making it easier to handle and defend claims, and lower claims costs

Suitable for all vehicles

We have a wide range of cameras - ideal for fleets made up of different types of vehicles

Designed to last

Our cameras are robust, waterproof, dirt-proof and tamper-proof

Get a 360° view of your vehicle

Our cameras can be fitted anywhere on a vehicle, covering it from all angles

Video Telematics Recorders

Our Video Telematics Recorders record both telematics data and video footage. This telematics data gives fleet managers valuable insight into how drivers behave on the roads, and the video footage is perfect for defending against claims effectively.



HD Camera and Video Telematics Recorder

VMC4 Video Telematics Recorder


HD Four Input Video Telematics Recorder

VMC8 Video Telematics Recorder


HD Eight Input Video Telematics Recorder

What about VUE's software?


Using VUEconnected, you can track your fleet live and set up custom alerts for your vehicles, including alerts for sudden braking, speeding, and more. With our software you can access footage from the precise time and location of an incident, so you can see exactly what happened. Any footage can then be downloaded and shared with your team, insurer or broker through VUEcloud for a quick and easy claims handling process.

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VUEcloud is a multimedia platform for uploading and sharing media files quickly and securely. Designed by our in-house developers, it is ideal for use in the claims handling process and is perfect for putting all files needed to settle a claim into one place. In the event of an incident, it’s easy to send footage straight from VUEconnected to VUEcloud. You can then upload anything else relating to the incident (e.g. voice notes, images, pdfs), and send a link to your insurer or broker so they can access everything.

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VUEhub: Get FNOL notifications, share footage securely analyse footage

Access every tool to help defend against claims in one place

Access all VUE applications and services including VUEconnected and VUEcloud through VUEhub. Using a single sign on, you can access all of VUE’s software solutions through the VUEhub home screen, and benefit from a range of features that the platform offers.

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Case Studies

NHS Blood and Transplant vehicle

NHS Blood & Transplant

“After an incident, we’ll review the footage to see what happened, then determine whether to defend the claim with the footage recorded or admit liability on the odd occasion it is needed. The Video Telematics equipment helps cut down claim handling time and lowers claim costs.”

John Lowden, NHS Blood & Transplant

See how the NHS Blood and Transplant fleet use the footage recorded by VUE’s technology to determine what happened and how best to deal with a claim, which cuts down claim handling time and lowers claim costs.

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DPD Ireland

“By reviewing the footage, we can avoid fighting claims that we would ultimately lose, saving us valuable time and money… Using VUE’s Video Telematics, we can save up to €10,000 (~£8,500) in legal fees per incident.”

Kristine Cassidy, DPD Ireland

See how the DPD Ireland fleet have used VUE’s Video Telematics technology to defend against all claims, and especially fraudulent claims, which can save them up to £8,500 in legal fees per incident.

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Orbis Protect

“The equipment has been invaluable in defending against fraudulent claims… when a third-party makes a fraudulent claim against our drivers for a claim payout, or says that our drivers were liable after an incident when they clearly weren’t, the footage shows exactly what happened and protects us against paying those claims.”

Gary Appleyard, Regional Compliance Co-ordinator

Learn how the Orbis Protect fleet use the footage recorded by VUE’s Video Telematics technology to defend claims and stop fraudulent claim payouts.

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