VUEconnected is a powerful tool that dramatically increases your daily productivity as well as the productivity of your fleet, whilst improving driver behaviour to reduce risk and fuel costs.

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VUEconnected is our secure web-based portal for CCTV footage, tracking and telematics data. 

Developed in-house, VUEconnected is a powerful tool that dramatically increases your daily productivity as well as the productivity of your fleet. The telematics data helps improve driver behaviour to reduce fuel costs and improve safety. The CCTV footage aids driver training and helps defend against any claims. By eliminating inefficiencies and saving your workforce time with fleet tracking, you will be able to complete more jobs and increase your profits.

All Vehicles
  • Works for all types of vehicles and tracking systems

At A Glance Locations
  • See at a glance which vehicle/s is closest to a job by postcode search or clicking on the map
Vehicle Status
  • See a vehicles ignition status, together with speed, direction of travel and current location
Map Replay
  • Map replay to analyse routes and eliminate inefficiencies and duplication

Geo-Fencing Alerts
  • Set ‘geo-fenced’ areas (circular or polygon) with alerts

  • Set ‘pushpins’ at specific locations (i.e. customer depots)
Set Reminders
  • Set reminders for MOT, road tax, insurance, service etc
Get Alerts
  • Set alerts like Out-of-hours Use, Speeding, Congestion Zone, Idling, Unauthorised Drives (No Driver ID or not authorised) and Power Failure
Private Journeys
  • Driver Privacy function (data protection for private journeys)
See Vehicle Functions
  • Use digital inputs to monitor vehicle functions in use (i.e sweeper brush or gritter activity)
Driver Scores
  • Get ratings for each rates each completed journey with a driver score to help improve driving style
VUE Telematics

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We don't just provide innovative software

VUEconnected works at its best when it has video telematics recorders which are high-quality, durable and reliable, to provide it with accurate recordings and data.


One solution, suitable for all of your fleet vehicles


Video can be downloaded remotely direct from the VMC2, VMC4 and VMC8 units, from a precise time or location of an incident, when the vehicle ignition is on.

There are no restrictions on the number of users, so unique logins control if users see all vehicles, or only certain vehicles under their command. Certain functions of the system can be restricted by user, such as ‘Track & Report’ only.

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