Anna Beaumont

People Business Partner

Having worked in People & HR since 2016, I am very excited to be a part of the VUE Group and be involved in a different sector vastly different from any I have worked in before and being able to apply my current skills and build many more.

As the People Partner, I work mainly alongside the Management Team in the business to promote and influence key people principles across the organisation. VUE has built its reputation based around its people, so to be able to have a part in enhancing and strengthening this element is a great privilege. I love working with people and how everyday can be different and unexpected, and working in the HR field certainly keeps me on my toes.

Outside of work I like to travel and explore, and I am a dab hand at DIY! To build and expand my skillset in and outside of work is a great sense of motivation for me, and I hope to continue adding more skills and strengths to my bow!