Road Safety Week 2022: Safe roads for all

The theme for this year’s Road Safety Week is simple; safe roads for all. In 2021 alone over 1600 people were killed on the road, and a further 26,701 seriously injured. So, how can we make the roads a safer place?

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5 Benefits of CCTV on Forklift Trucks

What are the benefits of having vehicle CCTV on forklift trucks? Protecting drivers? Improving Safety? In this article we'll be looking at 5 benefits to installing cameras on forklifts.

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VUEgroup - Mitigate risk in winter
Essential Winter Driving Solutions for Fleets

Winter is in full swing, and the icy and rainy conditions make it more challenging for fleet drivers to complete their journeys without incident. Find out how you can reduce the risk of winter accidents in your fleet and manage them effectively.

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