7 Key Things To Know About The Highway Code Changes

Are you aware of the changes made to the highway code towards the end of January and how they affect every road user?

So what has changed...

One of the biggest changes that was made is the hierarchy of road users. Pedestrians, cycles, horse riders, and motorcyclists are now top of the priority chain, with HGVs now at the bottom. This means that every road user must now give way to pedestrians at any junction.

The main changes involve cyclists and is key that all motorists are aware of how it affects them. Cyclists are second from the top of the new hierarchy which means all vehicles must give way to them.

Cyclists don’t have to remain in the cycle lane or keep to the left. They are allowed to ride anywhere in the road where they feel the safest and most visible to other road users.

With that, they are now allowed to overtake either side of a vehicle. Which is why it is so important to be aware of the vehicles surroundings and always checking either side before making a manoeuvre. Cyclists are to be aware of vehicle blind spots when overtaking.

Furthermore, cyclists can now ride side by side while being conscious of drivers wanting to overtake.

For motorist there are two main changes, one of which being overtaking. Motorists are now allowed to overtake on double white lines but should remain at least 1.5m away from others and 2m away when passing horses.

Drivers are now encouraged to open the door using their opposite hand, this is to encourage drivers to look behind and down the side of the vehicle to check if there is a cyclist approaching.

Want more details on the changes?

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