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Reasons To Get Your Fleet Connected

Effectively improve your daily productivity as well as the productivity of your vehicles.

Having multiple vehicles out on the road at once, can be challenging but is key for keeping up with demand. Getting connected can help improve productivity, fuel cost and driver behaviour to reduce risk. Combining video footage and telematics which can be used anywhere, all through the user-friendly portal.

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14 Reasons To Get Your Fleet Connected

What are the benefits?

Getting connected, doesn't just improve productivity, it also protects drivers and the company too...


False Claims

Cameras can protect drivers from false claims, with footage showing exactly what happened.

Remote Access

Gain access to footage anywhere through the user-friendly VUEhub portal.

Identifies Improvements

Footage can help identify any concerns, and provides the evidence to back them up.

Useful Training Tool

Footage can be used as a training tool to help new or existing drivers improve their skills.

Deters Criminals

The presence of cameras can act as a deterrent for anyone with criminal intent. 


With the data collected you can get reports on performance of drivers, vehicle trips and more.

So, what do you need to get connected?



VMC1 HD Camera and Telematics Recorder

Ideal for: company cars, small vans


VMC4 Four Camera HD Video Telematics Recorder

Ideal For: LGVs, forklifts

What are the camera options?

Forward Facing Camera

Forward Cameras

Used for recording forward-facing footage - invaluable in the event of an incident.

Side Cameras

Designed to fit onto vehicles of any size or type. Ideal for eliminating blind spots.

Reversing Cameras

Provides an unobstructed rear view, giving drivers better visibility when reversing.

In-Cab Camera

In-Cab Cameras

Ideal for any type of vehicle, these cameras are fitted internally, usually for in-cab monitoring.

14 Reasons To Get Your Fleet Connected

Want to learn more about getting your vehicles connected...

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Introducing VUEhub

VUEhub is the one place where you have full access to VUEconnected, VUEcloud and VUEanalytics. All applications can be accessed through the platform.

With an adaptive home screen so that it works for you and your business it has a single login to go into the different applications on the dashboard. Furthermore, you will have access to all future development and features that are to be released.

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