Video Telematics and Fleet Management Solutions

Our industry leading range of Fleet Risk Management products includes Video Telematics, vehicle safety equipment and dedicated software solutions which combine to mitigate risks for fleets. Explore our products here or contact us to discuss your needs.

Video Telematics Recorders & Cameras

Our range of Video Telematics Recorders includes the VMC2, VMC4, and VMC8. All of our telematics solutions are 4G connected for live video and instant telematics data.

High performance telematics recorders are critical for the accurate logging of data. Our range of telematics solutions connect seamlessly to video recording and fleet management solutions for transparency and safety. Connect up to eight telematics cameras while transmitting pinpoint positional data for effective driver and fleet risk management.

Vehicle and Fleet Safety Technology

From reversing aids to cyclist proximity detection and audible alarms, our range of Fleet Safety Technology  reduces the risk of accidents in your fleet and helps with FORS, CLOCS and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliance.

In addition to our Vehicle CCTV Cameras and Telematics solutions we offer a broader range of vehicle safety solutions. Sensors, trackers and alarms all help compliment the VUE range of technology and minimise the risk of accidents within your fleet. Our technology not only provides maximum safety for your drivers and fleet, but also reduces the risk of accidents to the public.

Telematics Devices and Trackers

Telematics solutions help you monitor the safety and efficiency of any vehicle being monitored. Whether it is a personal or fleet vehicle, telematics will help you identify the areas for improved driving performance.

All of our telematics devices can integrate with our VUEconnected platform to provide a single system for monitoring and managing your fleet of drivers. Through GPS and Telematic technology you will be able to see driver performance at an individual or fleet level. Assessing the utilisation, effectiveness and efficiency through our complete fleet monitoring solution.


Vehicle CCTV Cameras

At VUE we stock a range of vehicle camera and CCTV systems. Whether you are looking for external security cameras, internal CCTV recorders or reversing cameras we have a great range to choose from.  All of our cameras are compatible with VUE camera systems and will provide a high level of recording and monitoring for any vehicle.

If you don’t see the camera or system you are looking for, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

Vehicle Monitors

Our highly durable and reliable range of in-cab vehicle Monitors connect to our cameras and proximity sensors to remove blind-spots. This protects your staff, your vehicle, cyclists and pedestrians.

All of our in-cab monitors can connect to multiple vehicle safety cameras providing you with a 360 degree view around your van or HGV. Split and quad screen monitors allow you to see multiple views at once, and provide full visibility on any potential hazards. The ultimate in vehicle and fleet safety from VUE.