Vehicle Monitors

Our highly durable and reliable range of in-cab vehicle Monitors connect to our cameras and proximity sensors to remove blind-spots. This protects your staff, your vehicle, cyclists and pedestrians.

All of our in-cab monitors can connect to multiple vehicle safety cameras providing you with a 360 degree view around your van or HGV. Split and quad screen monitors allow you to see multiple views at once, and provide full visibility on any potential hazards. The ultimate in vehicle and fleet safety from VUE.


3.5″ LCD In-Cab Monitor

Part no. HSCM35

This LCD screen is compact at a size of 3.5" which makes it perfect for when space is of a premium

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4.3″ Rear View Mirror Monitor

Part no. HSCMMIR

This revolutionary 4.3" rear view mirror monitor can be mounted to a windscreen or attached to an existing rear view mirror

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7″ LCD In-Cab Monitor

Part no. VUEK7QMON

This durable 7” LCD in-cab monitor has a quad screen display and four inputs for cameras and recorders.

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7″ HD LCD In-Cab Monitor

Part no. HSCMHD

This 7” high-definition in-cab monitor displays crisp images and helps drivers have a full 360° view around their vehicle.

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