Protecting Your Business From The Risk Of A Bridge Strike

On Tuesday 2nd July, the insightful and engaging Bridge Strike Event took place in Manchester, bringing together experts from various fields to discuss the challenges and solutions associated with bridge strikes. The event was a collaborative effort by VUE and Weightman's, moderated by BBC's Annabelle Tiffin and featuring an impressive line-up of speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences.

Philip Wildbore, Network Rail

Philip Wildbore from Network Rail opened the series of talks by delving into the impact of bridge strikes on railway operations. He provided detailed statistics on the frequency and consequences of these incidents, emphasising the operational delays and financial costs involved.

Philip also discussed the preventative measures Network Rail is implementing, including improved signage and technological advancements.

Alex Burlison, MET Police

Next up was Alex Burlison from the Metropolitan Police, who brought a law enforcement perspective to the table. Burlison’s talk focused on the legal implications of bridge strikes and the role of the police in preventing and responding to these incidents. He highlighted case studies where swift police action mitigated further damage and stressed the importance of driver education and awareness campaigns.

Glen Mullins, VUE and Ray Taylor, XPO

Ray Taylor from XPO provided insights from a logistics and transport perspective. He spoke about the challenges faced by large fleet operators in avoiding bridge strikes and shared best practices from XPO’s own operations. He emphasised the importance of route planning, driver training, and the integration of technology to enhance safety and efficiency.

Which followed to Glen Mullins from VUE captivating the audience on how technology can play a pivotal role in preventing bridge strikes. He developed how VUE’s innovations, assisted XPO minimising bridge strikes through the use of our advanced telematics and AI-powered systems that provide real-time alerts to drivers. Glen also discussed the benefits of data analytics in identifying high-risk areas and implementing targeted interventions.

Chris Powell, Weightmans

The final talk of the day was delivered by Chris Powell from Weightmans, who provided a legal overview of bridge strike incidents. Chris discussed the liability issues that companies face when their vehicles are involved in bridge strikes and outlined the legal recourse available. He also touched on the importance of having robust policies and procedures in place to manage the aftermath of such incidents.

The event concluded with a panel discussion where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences. The speakers emphasised the need for continued collaboration across sectors to effectively address the issue of bridge strikes. The day ended on a positive note, with participants expressing their gratitude for the valuable insights and practical solutions discussed.

We are grateful to all the speakers for their contributions and to everyone who attended the event. It’s clear that by working together, we can significantly reduce the occurrence of bridge strikes and enhance safety for all.

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