How VUE is Revolutionising Site Safety

to Save Lives and Protect Workers

The construction industry remains one of the most dangerous and high-risk sectors, with workers facing numerous hazards daily. According to the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, there were 135 workers killed in work-related accidents in Great Britain in 2022/23. Notably, the construction sector accounted for a significant number of these fatalities.

These alarming figures highlight the urgent need for innovative solutions to enhance site safety and protect workers. VUE's groundbreaking technology is at the forefront of this mission, offering a range of advanced features designed to minimise blind spots, reduce incidents, and ultimately save lives.

Minimising Blind Spots and Reducing Incidents

One of the most significant risks on construction sites is the presence of blind spots around vehicles and machinery. These blind spots can lead to catastrophic accidents, especially in busy environments where pedestrians and heavy machinery operate in close proximity.

VUE's Pedestrian AI technology addresses this issue by alerting operators to pedestrians in high-risk areas, significantly reducing the number of incidents.

Pedestrian AI: Enhancing Site Safety

VUE's Pedestrian AI technology detects human presence in three critical zones around an operating machine - both sides and the rear. The system provides real-time visual and audible alerts in-cab, warning operators of potential danger. High-definition images highlight the risks, enabling operators to take immediate and appropriate action. An external speaker can also be fitted to warn individuals at risk and increase pedestrian awareness of operating machinery.

The AI technology differentiates between humans and static objects, such as bricks or scaffolding, preventing excessive alerts and ensuring accuracy. This feature builds trust among workers, knowing that the alerts are reliable and relevant. By reducing false alarms, operators can remain focused and respond effectively to genuine threats.

Gain a Better Understanding of Incidents

In the event of an alert from any of the three cameras or the in-cab panic button, an automatic alert is sent to our online fleet management tool, VUEhub. Footage from the incident can be reviewed, providing fleet managers with full awareness of on-site activities. This capability offers clarity on incidents, helping to improve overall safety.

Footage can be downloaded in a report and color-coded based on severity, making it easy to organise and prioritise. When paired with footage, these reports add vital context, allowing site managers to identify workers who need additional training and make data-driven decisions. 

Enhancing Fleet Operations with Online Solutions

VUE's technology extends beyond immediate safety alerts. Our online solution links machinery to VUEhub, allowing access to telematics data for more informed decision-making and enhanced fleet performance reporting. This comprehensive approach ensures that site managers have the tools they need to maintain a safe and efficient operation. The ability to track and analyse data in real-time is crucial for making proactive decisions that enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Tools for deeper accident analysis
Instant visibility of an accident
Resources for safety training

A Commitment to Safety

VUE's innovative technology is a game-changer for the construction industry, offering comprehensive solutions to enhance site safety and protect workers. By minimising blind spots, reducing incidents, and providing valuable data insights, we are committed to making construction sites safer and more efficient. The ability to integrate telematics and analyse real-time data provides an added layer of protection, ensuring that managers can make informed decisions to improve overall safety and efficiency.

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