driver behaviour dashboard

An individual fleet risk management tool, the Driver Behaviour Dashboard displays advanced telematics and claims data in context to help users understand the specific factors that affects Driver Behaviour and determine the likelihood of accidents.

The Driver Behaviour Dashboard works with any telematics data provider and can be customised to suit your exact requirements

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With the Driver Behaviour Dashboard you can...

See charts with a colour-coded design which indicate how well your fleet is performing over a period of time, allowing you to efficiently find areas for improvement

View a breakdown of your overall fleet health including an average fleet score for speeding, idling, braking, acceleration, cornering, as well as an overall score

Analyse key fleet statistics including average miles per gallon (MPG), average miles driven per week, total number of claims and claim costs

See scores for your individual drivers based on their speeding, idling, harsh cornering and harsh acceleration, and sort your top and bottom drivers easily

Explore how your drivers have improved week-by-week, so you can monitor progress closely



Look at how Fleet Performance compares with your KPI's

See how your fleet is performing over a period of time. The Red, Amber, Green design allows you to quickly identify areas that need improvement.


Look at how Fleet Performance compares with your KPI's

See how your overall fleet is performing against targets you set. This can help identify drivers who need additional training.

See who your best performing drivers are

Quickly see who your best performing drivers are and how they compare to other drivers. Reward great behaviour and encourage improvement in those who need it.

See who your worst performing drivers are

Easily see your worst performing drivers. This can help you identify areas of driver training and development

Explore correlations between driver behaviour and claims

By integrating your claims data with VUEanalytics you can see which drivers have the most claims and those with the highest cost of claims.


Look at individual driver performance

Deep dive into individual drivers and see how their performance compares to your other drivers as well as industry standards.

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