VUEconnected: Improving Fleet Risk Management with CCTV footage and telematics

VUEconnected portal is our secure portal for CCTV footage, tracking and telematics data. Our VUEmatics Connected range are all tracked and monitored via VUEconnected.

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  • Login to our secure portal for your live and historical CCTV footage, tracking and telematics data.
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Please note: VUEconnected is the new name for YouTrack.

If you Googled 'YouTrack login' then you will have been directed to this page. Try searching for 'VUEconnected login' next time to get here quicker. If you've saved a shortcut please update it.

VUEconnected - Desktop Version - Improving Fleet Risk Management with CCTV footage and telematics

Latest Updates:

4th July: Your VUEconnected Portal is now accessed at

We’ve made a few upgrades to your VUEconnected portal:

1. The portal is now accessed at
2. How driver scores are calculated has been updated to be even more accurate.

Don’t worry, all your existing data is still be available when the VUEconnected portal goes live again.

We know change can be tough, but these changes are essential for some new features that we have in the pipeline!



A new App for drivers, which rates each journey completed to help improve driving style.

VUEdrive is an intuitive App which gives drivers a star-rating for the journeys they complete .This helps improve and maintain good driving behaviour for all the drivers in your fleet.
Learn more about VUEdrive here.

VUEgroup: Video Telematics and dedicated software solutions combine to mitigate risks for fleets.

Need support?

During the current situation we want to continue to deal with your support needs as effectively as possible.

As always, please use these forms to contact our support teams:

– For software support, hardware fault, or to request a de-installation and re-installation of a unit, click here.
– For a footage retrieval click here.
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