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Four new apps, available exclusively for VUEhub customers...

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Live Track

Trip Replay

Footage Library


Live Tracking of all the vehicles in your fleet, in a modern, easy-to-use system.

Features include:

• Request video direct from the Track page

• Report a fault on a vehicle direct from the Track page

• Request a Live Snapshot from a vehicle

• Find the nearest vehicle via distance

• Find the nearest vehicle via time

• Use Pushpins to identify areas of significance on a map

• Pause map refresh

• See all vehicles on the map at once

• Focus on specific vehicles 

• Convert units from imperial to metric 

• Change the display language to French, German or Dutch

• Show traffic on the map 

• View which direction vehicles are travelling 


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Visualise past journeys, telematics data, and alerts according to a vehicle's location.

Features include:

• Display trips in their entirety

• Request footage by clicking on any point of the trip

• View graphs for speeding and overlay on the map

• View input events along the journey i.e. fatigue, braking, indicating

• Convert units from imperial to metric

• Change the display language to French, German, or Dutch

• Refine trip search by placing a geofence on the map

• Search multiple vehicles for trips through a Geofence


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Store and view previously requested footage, all in one place.

Features include:

• Search videos via vehicle

• Search vehicles via footage notes

• Search vehicles via date

• Delete multiple videos at once for easy management

• Convert units from imperial to metric

• Change display language to French, German or Dutch


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Be automatically notified when your fleet enters or exits a specified area.

• Create and maintain your active Geofences
• Select the specific vehicles that trigger the alerts
• Create geofences of any shape to match any area you need
• Select the hours the Geofence is active
• Choose who gets notified

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New apps VUEhub
driver behaviour dashboard

An individual fleet risk management tool, the Driver Behaviour Dashboard displays advanced telematics and claims data in context to help users understand the specific factors that affects Driver Behaviour and determine the likelihood of accidents.

The Driver Behaviour Dashboard works with any telematics data provider and can be customised to suit your exact requirements...

See charts with a colour-coded design which indicate how well your fleet is performing over a period of time, allowing you to efficiently find areas for improvement
View a breakdown of your overall fleet health including an average fleet score for speeding, idling, braking, acceleration, cornering, as well as an overall score

Analyse key fleet statistics including average miles per gallon (MPG), average miles driven per week, total number of claims and claim costs

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VUEhub on laptop

VUEhub: Get FNOL notifications, share footage securely analyse footage

Easy access to all these apps and more.

VUEhub is the one place to access all VUE applications and services with a single sign-on. It means you can access everything from tracking drivers on their journeys and setting up alerts for speeding, to requesting vehicle footage in the event of an incident.

VUEhub is also the place to access the CANbus Dashboard where users can look at live and past vehicle data in clear, concise tables. Reporting covers daily, monthly, and yearly data.

Our solutions are bespoke, which means we work closely with you to offer safety systems that suit your specific needs. Our in-house software development team are always eager to hear feedback from our customers, and can make changes to our software according to your individual needs. Because we provide both software solutions and vehicle safety equipment, we can offer fleets of all sizes and vehicle types a bespoke and comprehensive safety solution that will deliver results.

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