In many workplaces, forklifts are an essential part of ensuring productivity however they are only a helpful piece of machinery when workers use them safely. Vehicle technology solutions are key to enabling drivers to move with more awareness and reduce the risk of an accident occurring.


What forklift safety package would we recommend?

VMC4 Video Telematics Recorder

The device can connect up to 4 cameras on a forklift and records in HD quality. The VMC4 enables operators to track a vehicle in real-time and monitor its historical location.


Forward Camera

This camera records the driver's forward view at an impressive 90-degree wide angle and is designed to record high-quality footage in both light and dark conditions.


Driver-Facing Camera

The driver-facing camera provides workers with visibility of the immediate vicinity around the side and rear of the forklift truck, helping to minimise blind spots.



Although optional, the addition of a monitor to the kit provides drivers with extra visibility when manoeuvering and helps them spot any pedestrians around the forklift. This massively reduces the risk of an accident occurring. 



VUEhub is an online fleet management tool that provides one centralised place for all your risk management tools. The platform allows you to track your forklift's live location, monitor driving performance, store footage, and more.



Access to the VUEcloud platform allows users to securely upload, store and share video footage and other associated media such as photographs and reports. Incident footage can then immediately be sent to your insurer via VUEcloud.

What are the benefits of forklift safety technology?

Defends against false claims

Footage captured from cameras on the forklift can protect drivers from false claims. Files can be stored and shared directly with an insurer, helping to cut down costs significantly.

Improves safety

The addition of a monitor helps to improve visibility around a forklift, meaning a driver can manoeuvre with more awareness and spot pedestrians around their vehicle.

Provides a tool for training
Accident and near-miss footage can be used as a training tool to assist in training drivers on how to operate the forklift safely.
Prevents theft

The presence of cameras can act as a deterrent for those with criminal intent. In the event a forklift is stolen, fleet managers can track down its live location and see the events leading up to the act.

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