Video Telematics Solutions for Cash in Transit Fleets

The nature of cash in transit and security vehicles means vehicles and drivers can be vulnerable to attack. VUE offers a range of bespoke vehicle CCTV, vehicle tracking and telematics solutions ideal for cash in transit fleets. This includes live monitoring of vehicle CCTV images remotely, along with the vehicle speed, location, time, date and G-force measurements.

Our tracking systems also allow the live monitoring of vehicles combined with over 30 commonly used reports and alerts such as speed limit reports, driver score reports, POI alerts, etc.

Our solutions combine both vehicle telematics to monitor vehicle location, and data monitoring for safety. Combine this with CCTV and cameras for your vehicles and we have the ultimate solution for the safety of your vehicles, your drivers, and the contents they’re transporting.

Cash in transit is always going to be at an increased risk of theft and attack. Our bespoke solutions for cash in transit fleets, help reduce the risk by providing both security measure for drivers, and evidence should incidents occur.

If you are operating a cash in transit fleet, don’t leave anything to chance. Get in touch to discover how we can help with your fleet risk management needs.

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