Dignity and Respect Policy

VUE has a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and to promoting a positive culture which celebrates difference, challenges prejudice and ensures fairness. Our staff are our greatest assets and all employees should expect to be able to excel and to be respected and valued for their unique perspectives and contributions. Integrity and inclusivity are central to our company values. In accordance with these values VUE is committed to providing an environment in which all members of staff treat each other with dignity and respect, and where bullying, harassment and discrimination are known to be unacceptable.

This Policy sets out the expectations placed on all employees. VUE regards any incident of bullying, harassment or discrimination as a serious matter and will respond promptly and sensitively to formal complaints, and where appropriate take disciplinary action.


Scope and Purpose

The purpose of the policy is to:

• Foster a positive culture for working which supports freedom of thought and expression within the law, and within a framework of respect for the rights of other people.
• Promote an enabling and inclusive environment where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.
• Ensure that occurrences of bullying, harassment and discrimination are taken seriously and dealt with promptly and with due sensitivity.
• Set out the framework for raising, addressing and resolving concerns about individual and/or organisational behaviour.




• As employees we have a responsibility to:
• Demonstrate respect and integrity in our interactions with individuals and groups.
• Work collaboratively and effectively in teams within and across organisational units.
• Identify and challenge unacceptable behaviour when it occurs, even if it is not directed at ourselves.
• Address and resolve matters ourselves, where reasonably possible, in a positive and constructive way.
• Raise more serious concerns with a relevant manager and participate positively in approaches to resolve them.
• Modify our behaviour should we become aware that we have behaved unacceptably in relation to this policy, even if no complaint has been made.


In addition, managers have a responsibility to lead in promoting a culture of dignity and respect, and a duty to take timely, relevant action to resolve concerns.


Expectations of the company as an employer will be to ensure that:

• It fosters a positive culture for working which permits freedom of thought and expression within a framework of mutual respect.
• It treats staff with openness, respect and dignity at all times.
• Complaints of harassment, bullying or discrimination are treated seriously and with discretion.
• Staff feel safe and are listened to when raising concerns about behaviour.
• Malicious or vexatious allegations are dealt with in line with VUE disciplinary procedures.


Unacceptable Behaviour

VUE expects all its members to treat others with dignity and respect and regards
bullying, harassment or discrimination as unacceptable behaviour. VUE will respond promptly and sensitively to formal complaints, and where appropriate take disciplinary action.
Examples of unacceptable behaviours in the workplace can include, but are not limited to:

• Unwelcome physical contact ranging from unnecessary touching to serious assault
• Intimidating or threatening behaviour, or language
• Unwelcome attention or advances of a sexual nature
• Disparaging, ridiculing, or insulting behaviour, language or gestures
• Inappropriate communication or visual display of offensive material
• Isolation, non-cooperation, or deliberate exclusion of an individual from a work situation (including work-related social events)
• Undermining of an individual through unfair work allocation or persistent unjustified criticism



Options for Employees

Where an employee identifies a potential breach of this policy, there are a number of ways they may wish to approach the matter in an attempt to resolve it, as set out below.

Individual Action

Where an employee believes they are being subjected to treatment which is in breach of this policy, they should seek to address this at the earliest possible stage. Where they feel able to, the employee should make clear to the person causing the offence that such behaviour is unacceptable to them. In many instances, this can be sufficient to bring an end to that behaviour. If the employee does not feel able to resolve the matter themselves at an early stage, they may wish to seek advice and support from a manager.

Raising a Formal Complaint

If the problem has not been resolved by informal means, or the employee feels it cannot be resolved through informal means, then they may submit a formal complaint.

Reporting Concerns to Police

Where an employee identifies a breach of this policy which constitutes a criminal offence or an immediate threat to safety, they should report the matter to the Police. Individuals should also inform an appropriate manager so that appropriate steps can be taken and support provided.