Due to increased demand following our drinks events and exhibition appearances, we're offering a further 15% off our hardware to anyone directly referred to us, from now until the end of 2021.

All they have to do is quote the code VUE15

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Vehicle CCTV Cameras

Help eliminate blind spots and protect drivers in the event of an incident.


Eliminate blindspots for fleet vehicles with innovative AI technology.

Driver Distraction AI Device

Driver Distraction AI

Audibly and visually alert drivers when they show signs of being distracted, including; yawning, smoking, eating and more.

Video Telematics Recorders

For any type of vehicle. Gain important insight into fleet performance and protect drivers in the event of an incident.

VUEtrack device


Keep all drivers and vehicles in a fleet accounted for.

Reversing Alarm

Alarms and Sensors

Help drivers to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe with reversing alarms, left turn alarms, and proximity sensors.

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