What's new with VUEhub

The latest additions and features released to your VUEhub tiles including; Live Track, Trip Replay and Footage Library...

  • Live Track

    October 2023

    Colour and chevron key – When hovering over the status bar, a window now appears listing what the colour/pattern represents i.e. Vehicle ignition is on

    Feed paused notification – A notification now appears on screen to make clear that the feed has been paused while you look into specific vehicle details, and that the system is still working as it should

    Ability to flip and mirror Live Snapshots – While looking at Live Snapshots, you can now flip and mirror the image in real-time.

  • Trip Replay

    October 2023

    Low Bridge Alerts – You can now see your bridge alerts as inputs on Trip Replay. This enables you to see the location of a bridge in relation to an alert, allowing you to see if your driver took precautions to divert or ensured that they did not hit the bridge


  • Footage Library

    October 2023

    Preview footage while downloading – You can now preview watching partially downloaded footage before it has downloaded fully.

    Footage request – Footage can now be requested and viewed direct from Footage Library. This is to allow users with no access to Live Track or Trip Replay to request and view footage, especially useful when reviewing event alerts from Driver Distraction AI or Pedestrian AI.

    Add group filter dropdown – You can now filter footage by group – like in other VUEhub tiles. This means that you can now view the footage for only your depot or assigned group, and consequently have an improved user experience as you can more easily find the footage you want

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