Fire Service Safety Solutions

Whether it's low visibility around a fire engine, or the difficulties in retrieving footage while vehicles are still on the roads, the fire service is presented with various challenges when it comes to maintaining road safety while ensuring operations run efficiently.

This is why it's a good idea for fleet managers to invest in vehicle safety technology that is efficient, reliable and accurate so that staff have all the tools they need to minimise road risk.

What are the benefits of our vehicle CCTV and telematics solution for fire service fleets?

Greater visibility around a vehicle

Cameras enable drivers to manoeuvre with more awareness and prevent accidents involving other road users caused by blind spots.

Increase efficiency of operations

Remotely download footage, track a vehicle in real-time, replay trips, and check the health status of hardware to keep on top of fleet operations

Protects crew members

Cameras around a vehicle can defend staff from false claims and complaints made against them, as well as deter aggressive behaviour.

Enhance fleet performance

Build up an accurate picture of how a fleet is performing by exporting driver behaviour reports and viewing vehicle data for a particular vehicle type.

Increase the efficiency of blue light operations with VUEhub

Differentiate between emergency and non-emergency trips

Know when blue lights or sirens were activated during a trip to gain further context into incidents. This also helps to bring clarity in accident claims.

Share footage securely

VUEcloud is an encrypted media exchange platform that enables users to upload, store, and share footage securely, with access restricted to permitted personnel only.

Fault indication system

The self-diagnosing kit enables fleet managers to check the health status of hardware over the air which ensures operations continue to run smoothly.

Visualise past trips and track current ones

Looking at a trip in its entirety to better understand an incident. You can also view when customisable inputs on a trip have been used or are currently active e.g., blue lights activated or handbrake on.

What is our recommended kit for fire service fleets?


The VMC8 is a powerful device that enables up to eight different cameras to be connected, This durable telematic box is particularly useful for larger vehicles as it ensures a driver has total coverage. 


Differing camera variations allow you to have HD visuals in and around a vehicle. Rear, internal and AI-powered cameras are fitted based on the needs of the vehicle.


An in-cab monitor enables drivers to have a better understanding of their surroundings whether that's through a full 360 view of their vehicle or from differing angles captured by multiple cameras.



VUEhub is an online platform that centralises all your risk and fleet management tools. It enables you to visualise past journeys, track a vehicle in real-time, store footage securely, and more.



Upload incident footage and share it with an insurer or any relevant third parties. The secure platform enables drivers to be defended from false claims in a matter of minutes. 


  • “The system allows us to remotely access the footage from our vehicles, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the data retrieval process.”
    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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